Introduction: The Bible Teaches The Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness


Spiritual Evolution

Using the word evolution in connection with the Bible can bring up concerns for people who want to believe that God’s creation was not an evolvement.   Dr. Royal does not share those concerns.

Nevertheless, the consideration of evolution in this article is not about the physical evolution of animals and humans versus creationism.  Rather, it has to do with the fact that the thoughts of Jesus and the later writings of the Bible were generally greatly evolved from the earlier writings.  There are exceptions:  Some of the earliest writings were amazingly evolved compared to the thinking of other people of those times.  They definitely disclosed the revelation of Truth.  Also, the very greatest of the early teachings were produced through certain biblical characters who greatly knew the Presence of God.

Yet generally, greater revelations of Truth occurred over time, as people lived longer with the faith and sense of God’s Presence.  Ultimately, Jesus reversed some of the older teachings about vengeance, judgment, and the belief that God made favorites of certain tribes or ethnic groups.  Jesus believed that all people should be forgiven for anything!  He also believed that all people are equal!

All this shows that an evolution of spiritual consciousness from very high Truths to increasingly higher applications of Truth was occurring.  People like the writers of the opening of Genesis, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses, had great spiritual consciousness, yet Deutero-Isaiah, Micah, and Jesus showed us that further growth and applicability of Truth increased over time.               

Consider then, the teachings of the Bible are enhanced and our lives are empowered by conceiving the spiritual message of the Bible as being great for all of us.

As we recognize that the Bible’s greatness lies in both the authenticity of its beginning and its increasing unfoldment of the Truth as time went by, something that places us more on track with Truth occurs.  That is, when we understand the earliest teachings with increasing discernment, spiritual enrichment follows.  When we more fully embrace deep awarenesses, we know more as well.  As we live faithfully by our increased understandings, more is revealed.  The man Jesus came along in a time that was ripe for this deepening of spiritual consciousness.  As we see the Bible in this light, our spiritual consciousness becomes greatly manifested.

Studying the Bible with an awareness of God's consciousness reveals much to us today. The consciousness of God is that of Omnipresence (being everywhere), Omnipotence (being all the power there is), and Omniscience (knowing everything), which is all-inclusive. Examining the Bible with these three divine empowerments in mind provides the awareness of deeply knowing Its Truth.


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