The Law of Displacement


There is one freedom that every person has from before we are born.  It is the privilege to think as we choose.  No country has given that privilege because if that were true, no one would ever be jailed for the thoughts they have that have been carried out as crimes.  However, the Presence and Power behind all that exists made us to be free, and not only with our thoughts.  We were made to be free to feel as we choose regardless of what we do with it.  These free thoughts and feelings have been crafted to function with sensitivity.  Therefore, in the beginning, we are sensitive to both the thoughts and feelings of those others who are close to us. 

Our best course of action is to freely develop thoughtfulness and good feelings toward others.  At first, this occurs without exception.  As we grow on in our individual life expressions, we are influenced by other persons, and too often lose our sense of self because our sensitivity to them takes precedence over the value we would otherwise discover of ourselves.  For this reason, we are wise to grow our spirits through the benefit of spirituality, which is there for us to think for ourselves and love who we are.  As we do this, it does not lessen our sensitivity, but restores it in a way that is right and good both for ourselves and others.  This happens for us as we open up to right thoughts and feelings that are always there for us inasmuch as we always have a Divine Partner in the Presence and Power of God.

In life on earth, we feel too influenced by the beliefs of others.  This causes us to live in a world we invent and lay over the greater reality of who we are.  Most of us have come to think that the apparent world of our occupation is the real world.  It is rather the mask we have created in our imagination, and displaces the reality that profoundly surpasses what we have generally accepted.  It is no wonder that disease, disappointments, distress, and confusion reign in the thinking and feeling experiences that develop as our lives go onward in age.  We can use The Law of Displacement to reclaim what was there when we were being created in the womb.  It takes place as we turn away from the seeming nature of raw living.  We can all do this because we have never surrendered our potential to live life with perfect experiences.

We are all gifted.  As children, we lived largely in our imaginations.  As adults, we are wise to recapture the expressiveness of imagination for it will rebuild our lives from the inner gifted nature that remains unspoiled.  We may wonder how this can be.  It is because curled up and deep inside our Spirits and Souls is a Divine Idea of who we are.  It is not a copy of anyone else.  It is truly beautiful and unique, containing a wonderful value for the world around us.  We are here to express ourselves as we have always been, both from the experience in the womb and for eons before that. 

What this means for us right now is to unwrap our greater natures that lie within us, awaiting us to discover the truth of ourselves.  We have been known by the covers we have placed over ourselves, as though people are to be satisfied with the wrappings of a gift rather than with the gift within.  Others can never deeply appreciate us until we unwrap ourselves, discover who we are, and let the potential flow through us and as us, like a stagnant pond that becomes a river of refreshment for thirsty people.  Such a river of refreshment never provides only water; we will find a rich display of nature’s beauty, including trees, flowers, rocks, and hills that attract persons who love the out-of-doors.  This wealth of character within each person lies curled up inside, until we sense this about ourselves and bring it all out to express the lives of our potential.  This sense of self displaces appearances and gives us the awareness of why we exist. 

The gifts are the truth of character in every person.  They include love, joy, peace of mind, confidence, and integrity, all which are expressed in order to give away that which is a well of such depth that it cannot be exhausted, but makes the person feel worthy through the giving.


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