Spirituality in its greatest authenticity has been around as long as people have had the consciousness to make choices and to experience them as they desired.
  Further discoveries about the nature of spirituality have had to occur.  Although in every age, some people have always known that the nature of life and the ability to experience spirituality are one and the same, many wake-up calls have been and always will be necessary for us to amply grasp this awareness.  All of us are embedded in the natural need to continually wake up to the greater spiritual reality.

Many of the teachings in traditional religions have circumvented these wake-up calls.  Those of us who sincerely desire to grow spiritually in the here and now are wise to admit that wake-up calls are essential to our spiritual unfoldment.  It is easy to avoid them simply by thinking that we know better than the inner, higher Presence that will guide us intuitively only as we recognize that we do not know better than It.  The more that we allow the Inward Presence to guide us, then the more we discover that although traditions served earlier insights, we now are able to know better.

The greatest adjustments come as we allow ourselves to accept that all religions, philosophies, and sciences have some greater insights to provide us for the greater wisdom and expressiveness that we desire to experience.  Historically, this includes that the principles of science that were resisted for centuries about such concepts as gravitation and cleanliness were as much about spirituality as science.  This is because the law of gravity opened up for us ways to experience greater transportation and communication, and the principles of cleanliness made possible so many of the medical miracles we live with today.  In these instances, the spiritual values make possible greater human connections.  Of course, we can and have used increasing associations to hurt ourselves through developing powers of war not known before.  Nevertheless, we will never live in peace and harmony until we understand that all nations must be melded into a single global community.

It may not seem important to many religiously minded people that spirituality is more greatly experienced through peace and harmony.  This stance says it is!  The alternative is to think that we are all sinners and that religion simply means to be saved by an avatar because we are too bad to have worthiness in and of ourselves.  To undo that kind of thinking, a wakeup call is needed.  To think that the Creator made bad seeds, and then had to fix the situation so they could be “saved” is frightening to say the least.  It is better to understand that God is perfect, and perfection does not create imperfection.  Yes, we have to admit that we have made many mistakes; however, they are of our origin.  We can do better as we listen to the wakeup calls. It was a wakeup call that we entered the ages of Romanticism and Rationalism.  We learned much through those philosophies.  It was a wakeup call to discover the rightfulness of sexuality and that repression of sex was a mistake.  To now know that the conflict between the sexes is providing many of us with a wakeup call is wonderful.  In time, people as a whole will wakeup to the value of adjusting their lives in accordance with spiritual growth.  This is the way life works through us and as us.

We are wise to cooperate with what the wakeup calls require of us.  We will only succeed with this as we become inclined to believe that our lives need to be adjusted, and adjustment begins with thinking that we need to grow spiritually.  It continues as we instruct our emotions to accept the higher ideas of how to think and feel.  Our interest to direct our emotions is essential, or the wakeup calls will not find us enough open to better living. Ultimately, wakeup calls are our greatest assistance for developing our lives to live in a community of persons who function with love and enlightenment.

The key question from people desiring to grow more spiritually is "How do I become more open to wakeup calls?"  The answer is that wakeup calls only come to persons who are willing to make adjustments in their thinking, feeling, and actions.  To be adjustable opens up the spirits of persons to change.  We know that many women have tried to change their husbands and felt frustrated because their husbands did not want to be changed. Actually, both women and men tend to become staid or inflexible as they grow up physically and as they age more and more.  Spiritual growth can occur only as we become interested in making decisions that improve our lives. This is why many persons say that spiritual healing of the body or mind does not occur until a person is ready. The one factor that can make the big difference is to desire to be adjusted in thoughts, feelings, and actions.  This does not simply happen.  It comes about when we are willing to truly live a life of value both for ourselves, others, and the environment. 

To become willing to experience personal adjustments can be an adventure that makes the experience of life fascinating.  Studying the various documents on this web site can be a great impetus toward that end.  Also, enrolling in "Spiritual Teaching" classes will definitely open up one's willingness.  Taking time every day to think and feel positive contributes much toward this.  Spending a lot of time with other people who have interests in developing their spirituality is equally helpful.  Attending lectures on the subject, reading books on it, and listening to cassette tapes and CDs that are meant to help you grow your spirit will enhance your tendency to become ready for personal progress.  Last, but most essentially, to form the belief that you most find God deep within yourself, and that God is Unconditionally Loving, All-Powerful, Everywhere Present, and Supremely Intelligent will certainly open you up to the spirituality of greater livingness.  Healings will take place with you, which are of many kinds, not only of the physical body, but of anything which has appeared to be a problem in your life. Some healings will happen early on, others may take a long time.  Again, these wonderful changes in your life come to the degree that you willingly make numerous adjustments in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Thoughts we say as we ascend our spiritual pathway.

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