Conquering Harmful Habits

  Everyone grows up having accumulated some harmful habits. These behaviors seem to resist our every attempt to change them. However, they are all changeable.

It is not that we can change each other.  In any event, it is not easy to change ourselves.  This is because we accepted the habits at an earlier time as though it was preferable.  Often we strongly embraced them.  When that happened, the nature of Mind-Life, which supports our choices, built a home for that behavior deep into our belief-systems.  Such behavior remains entrenched within us until we become confident that the Power and Presence greater than we are, is always there for us.  This means that as we grow our lives, we can adjust our behavior.  It does not mean that we can do it by trying hard to act differently!

Changing habitual behaviors requires us to build new patterns of thought about them.  This is a matter of thought.  Why does the construction of some of these new and better patterns escape our interest?  It is because the earlier decision to engage in habitual behaviors was constructed around the idea that we could use someone else to whom we were attracted in some way as an authority for what we thought would be happier living.

Often, but not always, the earlier person or persons of influence believed that right and wrong was the basic consideration one must make about life.  Many times, the consideration was connected with a religious idea about God’s being a judge of our behavior.  The resulting behavior for us was to compulsively do what was taught to us by another.  Or just the opposite happened: we may have adopted a behavior because we felt so oppressed by a rule that we felt our happiness could not be experienced unless we could practice a violation through some sensation.

However all of this occurred, the way out of hurtful behaviors begins as we turn away from thinking that right and wrong are couched in our behaviors.  This means that to consider doing what is right rather than what is wrong is not the basis for resolving our seeming problems.  This is because there is no God that is punishing us.  We are simply punishing ourselves.  Does this mean that God does not exist?  Not at all!  God is everywhere, in everything, but rather than a judge, God is our supporter for our being lifted out of disappointments.  The divine resourcefulness is not threatening, but is a wise guide that speaks to us from deep within ourselves.

The steps out of our challenges are as follows:

1. We are to believe that the Divine Providence is everywhere, within everyone.  This Presence and Unlimited Power assists those who establish thoughtful goals to succeed in greater living.  Where those patterns of higher thought are lacking, the Wisdom from on High remains forever patient, knowing that when we are ready, we will join in the swelling chorus that is for the benefit of all. 

2.  The Supreme Intelligence is more interested in our being happy than our being right.  When we become happy, it is because we feel secure.  When we feel secure, we move swiftly toward our goals.  If we think very much about whether our behavior is right as opposed to wrong, we are feeling insecure and unhappy.  Then, we cannot achieve our goals except that sometimes we achieve some of them by trying terribly hard.  Life is not hard unless we make it that way.

3.  The Life-Intelligence only knows us as whole, perfect, and complete.  Therefore, when we feel guilty about our mistakes, it is entirely our own doing.  On the other hand, the Presence identifies with our using goals to achieve better living.  Rather than being critical then of good and bad behavior, we are to become careful of our thoughts.  There is a correct way to think and an incorrect way.  When we think with the interest to achieve goals that express us well, we are thinking correctly.  In that sense there is a right way or a wrong way, but our behavior is its outcome, and cannot be adjusted with ease unless our thinking is open to it.

4.  We have been crafted to express individual depictions of divine destinies.  No two of us are to become wholly alike.  A concert of divine harmony is being played through us and as us.  To the degree that we are out of step with it, the accord is still functioning magnificently well.  Our goals are to step into the Melody of Life and be at one with It.


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