Spiritual Teaching's Formula


The formula for great livingness is that Good Thought is Energy is experience is everything, is God. This means that Thought (one of the names of God) does not move upon energy as though energy is something other than It. Rather Thought as Energy moves upon Itself. Or God is Energy making everything out of Itself. This happens through us and as us. To the degree that we recognize this empowerment we are greatly benefited (blessed). No one of us has any greater ability than another to accomplish this. Every one of us has the unlimited potential to cause anything to occur.

If we use this empowerment for Good, the Good we give will return to us - showering our lives with the Attitude or Spirit we gave it. If we use It to hurt others or our environment It will return to us through building an atmosphere around us that is similar to what we expressed. We are wise to choose our expressiveness through using this limitless empowerment, but always for the Good of All.

The Formula could be TEA. T=E=A means that Thoughts equal Energy equals All Things. That Formula is workable by anyone. However, unless it is multiplied by Good Thoughts, It can be used for destruction. Therefore, this Formula is GTEA. It means that Good Thoughts have unlimited empowerment, and are for the Good of All. T=E=A is used by everyone every time anyone thinks, even if most people are ignorant of Its being their empowerment. This Formula is the cause for everything that happens. Consider using the Formula GTEA. This is like the idea of Positive Thinking. It will make our world and lives extraordinarily wonderful.

The mission of Spiritual Teaching is only to express Good Thoughts along with knowing that all Thoughts are expressions of empowerment.


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