Spiritual Mind Healing

All conditions of body, mind, or spirit, which are not whole, perfect and complete, are the result of wrong thinking.  Always we find the first cause of misfortune to be misthinking.



The most rapid and effective healing takes place when we correct the misthought with right thinking about the condition.  This does not include that we give new thought to the condition, but rather new thought to the positive opposite of the unfortunate condition.

The means to correct thinking include our taking time to regularly meditate, affirm and maintain uplifted ideas about how good life can be.  This must not generate a Pollyanna conception, which is simply to think the condition is removed or altered by believing it, while ignoring a deeper, inner idea held in the Subconscious that reversibly supports the misfortune.  Rather, Spiritual Mind Healing takes place when the very idea that caused the condition is uprooted and replaced with the highest ideal of what it can be.  This procedure includes both logic and feeling, but not the logic and feeling that generated the condition that needs changing. Rather it is a Divine Idea that is High Love.  It comes through a spiritual birthing of intuitive development.

The world we experience will always have misfortunes until and unless people come to believe that life in and of itself is good and naturally healthful.  We need to know that the normal and natural state of life is supportive of its creation in all the ways that make for wholeness.

Every condition of body or mind that is a hardship, disappointment or failure can be healed.  Spiritual Healing is not an experience of mere improvement.  Rather, it is a restoration of the natural state of a person.  It happens through revelation.

Revelation means that the perfect state of mind and body, which should have been the condition all along, is revealed.  It is the result of believing God is perfect: therefore, every person could only have been made perfect.  However, it cannot be experienced in our lives until we discover the truth about who we are. That is the means by which the revealing takes place.  We have been crafted perfectly, and any imperfect conditions are the result of those thoughts that are contrary to what God knows about us.  Once we are convinced that God knows we are perfect, then the healing has to take place.

Through Spiritual Mind Healing, Dr. Royal has experienced rapid healings, often instantaneously, with numerous people, of tuberculosis, colitis, tumors, lung cancer, cervical cancer, skin cancer, throat cancer, cancers widespread in a body, bronchiectasis, Parkinson’s disease, edema (dropsy), diabetes, several healings of eyes including hole in the macula and reversal of macular degeneration, hole in the ear drum, arthritis, bulbar poliomyelitis, heart conditions, body injuries, colds, headaches, migraines, backaches, stomachaches, asthma, allergies, sinus problems, broken bones replaced, addictions, energy depletion, torn muscular ligaments, cuts, car sickness, air sickness, dizziness, infant problems, foot problems, joint problems, and ulcers. In addition,  he has been involved in many healings of money problems, relationship problems, drug addiction, alcoholism, job oriented problems, and so on.

The procedure that Dr. Royal uses does not require touching.  Touching is comfortable for Dr. Royal, but the healing takes place entirely through thought. The condition is always the result of some idea held in the Subconscious Mind. That idea creates and maintains the disease. Dr. Royal removes the faulty idea from the Subconscious and replaces it with the positive opposite idea, which then is copied by the Subconscious into the life of the client.  The more serious the faulty condition is, the easier it becomes for a healing to occur.  However, the client must be open to changing the faulty idea.  Therefore, the healing session is begun with an explanation of the healing principles.

You can locate more information about this healing work elsewhere on this web site.


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