At first, it may seem strange that memory and immortality have a link. The link explains many aspects of the spiritual life.

Beginning with memory, let us understand that it is essential to the building of a greater consciousness. Without memory, every experience that we have would not be connected to any other experience. Inasmuch as we all have memories, we all are capable of building a consciousness that is awesome. Of course, memory without choosing to live better lives would cause us to repeat our experiences over and over. This is what happens with us until we discover that our thoughts cause all our experiences to be what they are. Once that understanding is grasped, we can change our thinking and change our lives for the better. Again, for the better and better.

An old idea still believed by far too many people is that history repeats itself over and over. The only reason that this keeps happening is because most people think it must be that way. This is not the case, but it will continue to appear to be an unchangeable fact for most people until they comprehend that they cause all their experiences. For persons who recognize that their thoughts set all their experiences into motion, the past gives way to New Thoughts and new, better experiences. The precedent is then reduced to a memory of something which happened before, but that will not happen again. A successful inventor has to know better, or the new improvements which one can make will elude that one because while others think anew, that inventor will be attached to his or her past accomplishments.

Memory is possible because the Subconscious Mind records everything that we think, and records it according to the feelings we have about our thoughts. Then the Subconscious also records all the experiences which we have that have come from the memories. And it records how we have felt about those experiences. Additionally, it provides every person on earth access to all the memories of everyone else, both those living here today and all those who lived from the beginning of the lives of people of planet earth from all past ages. Two significant things follow from that (more significant things will be addressed later in this document). The first awareness we need to know is that the atmosphere of all this combined thought surrounds the earth and affects all of us mentally and spiritually just as gravity affects us physically. However, we are aware of this only to the extent that we are open to discover these thoughts. The greater effect it has on us is both in our remembering and implementing the thoughts of ourselves and the persons who are appreciated or disliked in our lives. Love or hate, forgiveness or resentment creates the initial openness. Gradually, as we become comfortable with more and more people, with our environment, and our experiences, we increase our memories of vastly more of what has happened. Until this happens, if fears dominate our consciousness, we largely have an awareness of the memories which were about troubles. As we transcend fears, and expect Good to come about in all things, we become aware of the unlimited lives that we can live, because we are supported from a place deep within us which knows only Good.

Authentic psychics are so very open to the Subconscious that they can build awarenesses about individuals that amaze those persons. However, many psychics are not as positive as is desirable, and so they tend to pick up information that appears difficult to redeem. There are psychics who are very positive, and they will tend to become aware of the perfect solutions that can accompany any pending disasters. It is best to select psychics who are very positive and thoughtful of their clients well being or to avoid psychics altogether.

Deeper than what most psychic signals provide is the area of our thoughts which are best described as mystical. Not all persons are mystics who think they have mystical tendencies. The difference is that the mystical arena in the depths of Mind is the place wherein God's thoughts about us dwell without intrusion. Psychic thoughts are what we think about ourselves and each other and about life. Mystic thoughts are the pure thoughts of God. To be aware of mystical thoughts, one must think very much like the way God thinks. To think like God is to discover what God knows about us. To accomplish this, it is essential to discover the difference between the Spirit of God and the Subconscious Mind which is an aspect of God which records thoughts, places them into memories, and makes them into experiences. The Spirit of God does not examine any of those thoughts. It is because the Spirit of God in Its perfection has caused the creation of all persons and everything except Itself and the Subconscious aspect of Its Beingness.

Be aware of this aside. If all this brings up the question as to whether this teaching is commensurate with the idea of the trinity, the answer is yes. The trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, the Soul of God, and the embodiment of God in Sonship. The Father is the Spirit, the Holy Spirit is the Soul (also, the Subconscious Mind), and the Sonship is the potential perfection which lies within every person. Inasmuch, as we were all made in the image of God, we are potentially able to emulate God in how we live. Of course, most of us have a lot of growing to do so as to develop our outward expressiveness as God has made us to do. Occasionally, someone accomplishes a significant similiarity to the God Presence. Jesus is an example; there were others. The great Buddha is such a one. Most of us have met someone who had come a long way towards this achievement.

Getting back to the Spirit of God in Its perfection, It is well understood as being the cause behind all. In causing persons to be individualized, that is, to be unique or different in some specialized way, everyone of us (made in the image of God) has to be perfect. Of course, we do not appear to be perfect. However, deep inside of us perfection reigns, and will eventuate its nature in our outward lives over the infinitely numerous lifetimes afforded us for growth and for the free choices of expression. The reason that we are perfect inwardly is because our deepest sense of Self is preserved as we were created to be. God will never change Its Mind about who we are: so the perfection remains until well expressed. If God were ever to think about us making mistakes, doing awful things, being sick, and having wars, the core of our being would not have the assured potential that is there. Therefore, although we tend to be more open for the time being to the average thinking of the masses of people in the global atmosphere of thought, we will over our many lifetimes experience an upward spiral of affirmative thinking. This is beginning with all of us, and it will continue with all of us, despite some persons thinking very low thoughts and committing crimes. We will look at this more in the second awareness...

The second awareness we need to know is that everything is going upward for us and as us. Here is where we will examine Immortality. To do this, we are wise to examine ancient history. Two conceptions about future lives emerged in the distant past, one in the Western Culture and the other in the Eastern culture. In the West, the idea about there being a heaven and a hell eventually became a horrifying idea because many people feared their outcome. Traditional churches have generally kept the idea active in the thinking of their people. Actually, in its beginning, a man named Zoroaster, an early avatar, specified that life will eventuate into one of two experiences for people generally. One was that people would experience a negative eternity and the other a positive eternity. One was to align the self with Light, and the other with Darkness. He encouraged his many followers to align themselves with the Light so that they would experience eternity in heaven. But, the Darkness had an equal pull upon the people. Therefore, they were to choose Light through giving daily attention to Good Thoughts, speaking Good Words, and doing Good Deeds.

After many years of seeking followers, Zoroaster gained a considerable following. Soon after Zoroastrianism had an immense number of adherents. And afterwards many religions were modeled on variations of what he taught. When the Jews were in captivity in Persia, they learned all about these ideas, and that is the most basic origin of the concepts of heaven and hell. Jesus picked up on this idea, and built many of his conceptions upon it. However, Jesus' basic idea was to live a high ethical life which he taught and exemplified. In recent centuries, the heaven and hell conception has predominated the interest to live the high ethical life. So people have come to fear that whatever the churches teach they must follow, or their lack of cooperation could land them in hell.

Most people in these times go to the church or religious institution of their family background largely because the social connections are built there during the time they are growing up. Many people consider the business of heaven or hell with less apprehension because the social connections are very important to them. Also, a skepticism has built up in their thoughts about whether it will make a difference as to whether they would go to heaven or hell because of their particular faith. Into this growing skepticism has come a solution which is appealing to many. It is the idea of reincarnation. Decades ago, national surveys established that about thirty percent of Christians believe in reincarnation although most of these persons do not talk to their ministers about it. Even increasing numbers of ministers believe in reincarnation now. And the numbers of lay people who think this way continues to grow.

Reincarnation had its initial roots in India. It accompanied the development of the caste system. Castes became a political tool to keep people from thinking that they could belong to a family system of greater wealth and opportunities. The idea that they could change castes has only recently begun to draw interest from the people of India and some other Asian countries. As long as people believe in reincarnation they are willing to wait for future lives by living good lives now within the castes into which they were born. However, the idea of reincarnation is popular now in other places such as the United States of America. It is likely to continue to be the choice of increasing numbers of people regardless of where they attend a religious institution. However in time, there will be better ideas about the afterlife. Reincarnation's greatest weakness is that serious adherents build a conception that they were living before in some other body, and that every time they are reborn they forget who they were before. Despite that seeming forgetfulness, it is quickly compensated by well trained hypnotherapists. They sometimes teach their clients that they can know who they have been, and that it can be useful in adjusting their present lives for better living. Hypnotherapists do much to help people through using hypnotism so there is no need to discredit their services. Nevertheless, the history of reincarnation has been allied with the idea that past mistakes means bad karma. To resolve the carryover of bad karma, the teaching has been that new meritorious actions must be paid to eradicate the past mistakes that were made.

Again, hypnotherapists render valuable services. The problem that people have with the idea that they have to pay duly for mistakes in their past lives is a cruel injustice for them to experience. The injustice comes from religious beliefs that need upgrading. The work of hypnotherapists to help people make these connections with the past has a great value once it can be separated from the idea that the hypnotized person was the person of the past. Reconsider the whole scenario. The Subconscious Mind contains a memory of everything and of everybody on earth, in the past and the present. That was established earlier in this document. What needs to be understood now is that every person has another experience continuously going on called the Law of Attraction. We all attract people, places, and things in our lives which are like our thoughts. This is forever ongoing. This is not changed when a person is hypnotised. Therefore, the hypnosis draws the person to another person of the past who had some likeness of mind. At different times, various persons of past times may be drawn into the mind of the person under hypnosis. There can be useful treatments from these kinds of recollections, because it indicates something of the person that needs to be known by a therapist. But, to also say that the person today was also that person of the past builds a concern about bad karma for far too many clients of their therapists. There are various reasons why the hypnotised person can be misled by such a notion.

One of the reasons that this became an important breakthrough to Dr. Royal was because he has counseled large numbers of people through the years. Many of them told of their bad karma which they knew had to be true because of their belief that they were the person who they attracted under hypnosis. Often they told of their difficulty in eradicating something for which the Universe, or perhaps God, was holding them accountable. They had tried to find a compensation that would relieve them of the guilt complex and were unsuccessful. Other clients who had no thought of specific past lives became much easier for Dr. Royal to put at ease. Another of the reasons for this concept to be questionable had to do with numerous women who told Dr. Royal that they had sound therapy which made it obvious that one of their past lives was being Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. After more than a dozen women confided that idea with Royal, it became obvious to him that something else was involved rather than a lot of people in one particular city, St. Louis, Missouri, having all been the same person.

The truth about all this is that we all share the same Subconscious Mind, and everything in it is the collection of all thoughts on earth, past and present. The Law of Attraction draws us to persons of history and to the living ones of today. When this is explained to people who begin to understand it, they sometimes then ask, "Where was I before this lifetime on earth?" The answer is simply that before being here, we were all in God. When we came here to live our lives, the Spirit of God simply allowed ideas of the Spirit to become expressed for what they are. We are the divine ideas. We are all little spirits without limitations. We are here to grow into the persons we were made to be.

The persons we were made to be have all been crafted for perfection. No matter where we were born, and what the conditions were physically about our births, we were made perfect. All imperfections have been the result of faulty thinking over several generations in our ancestry. Just as in the animal and plant worlds, physical births and beginnings have come from preceding ancestries. In the lives of people, thoughts within the mental and spiritual atmosphere along with our family ancestry, have also been involved. Science will prove all of this in time. The further evolution of people will be better and better from their very beginnings as science and religion work together in a profound spirituality that will build with our descendants.

Another wonderful ingredient to this thing called life is in the ability for every person to right the mistakes, even those occurring at birth. Regardless of where we were born, in the slums or in a Royal dynasty, in a country suffering terrible diseases or wars, or privileged in a country which provides well for us, we all have the same challenge. It is to discover that we can overcome any condition through believing that we can. From difficult circumstances in our lives right now, how can this come about? It is through thinking higher and higher thoughts. Positive thinking is a greater power than hardly anyone has imagined. We simply need to do more of it. The ability to right the mistakes is accomplished as we believe that nothing is impossible for us to do. Every apparent challenge is really an opportunity to prove to ourselves that we are all divine. Turning away from calling ourselves sinners, and accepting that anyone made in the image of God is basically Good, is our paramount need. We have been crafted as "spiritual beings having a human experience," first taught us by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; this we should know. Our ability to speak words about something Good, something wonderful, or something beautiful is our right. It is our gift.

Now then, immortality is all about the fact that we have always been and will always be. We all came from God. There is absolutely no bad seed! Every person who has lived badly has always had the same possibility for living a Good life, with happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind. All of us have to discover it. Once known, we unfold like a rose , with beauty, confidence, and an expressiveness of magnificence. But, we do need to know this. We do not know it until we think about it with enough positive thoughts that we change our minds, however gradually that we do it.

Once more, before this life, we were One with the Spirit of God. We were given life on earth as individualized, unique little spirits. We are here to grow. So, what happens next? When we pass on from here, we simply pass through a veil which on its next side contains a higher vibration for an advanced expressiveness. We arrive on that other side with a consciousness identical to what it was when we laid down our bodies and moved on. If we have grown spiritually considerably more than when we faced life here as a child and as a young adult, we will begin there from that stance. If we have not grown much, we will likely still be in a better stance. If we lived with others using cruelty or criminality, and never rose above it, we will begin there right where we left off. That may not be a happy beginning, but others there will assist us if we are not too proud to accept their help. There will be prisons there and hospitals, because some people will still need that kind of help. The prisons will be kinder and the hospitals especially effective, and there will be fewer of both of those institutions.

After the next life expression, there will be more and more of growth opportunities. There will be work to be done by all of us, but increasingly we will unfold the Truth of who we are. Along with this, we will forever have choices. God does not have it set in Mind as to what we will do; rather the only thing set in the Mind of God about us is that we are Whole, Perfect, and Complete. And we will be finding this out forever and ever. As we graduate to higher consciousness we will live with bliss and still be involved with some kind of work, but work that we love doing.

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