New Thoughts This Week

April 16-22: As you take time to meditate, Easter becomes the natural opportunity to feel cheerful about who you are and what you can do to express life more wonderfully. 

The example of Jesus and his enthusiasm about life can generate within your ideas how you can rightly to think, feel, and act as though you are now coming alive more fully than ever before. Even as Jesus became ever so much more of an impacting influence on the lives of huge quantities of people, right when those who turned away from him seemed to have brought him down, so you can know that you too can function with a high purpose of living harmoniously with others around you. An excellent way is to contemplate who you are, and what your mission is. Think about what constitutes the Spiritual side of you. Consider how much you desire to express Love to yourself; and then, how much you desire to express Love to others. So what is this thing called Love? Is it the awareness that you have much to give? Of course, giving money to others is involved. Yet, you have much more than money to give. What else is there of you? If you are aware of your talents, expressing them for others is Love. If you are aware of persons in your life who are sad, you can spread cheer. If you know of persons who are depressed, you can lift their Spirits through taking time to enjoy conversations with them, and to laugh with them. If you are depressed yourself, one of the greatest secrets in life is that if you cheer up others, you too will be lifted up in Spiritual Joy. What you give away awakens you to who you are and what you have that you may have forgotten.

Last Week's Thought

April 9 - 15: As you contemplate what is within you, open up to the idea that you know vastly more deep inside yourself than you are able to determine through your five senses. You may wonder how that can be. You might speculate on whether you have recorded within the subconscious mind a substantial awareness about how you can now have a better life than that you have previously expressed. That is a reasonable speculation. There is much more for expressing a really good life than can come from those memories. What you know deep inside is a luminous understanding of Spirit. The memories of your past experiences on earth are affecting you, but the really greater betterment comes from what you brought with you before you were born. Think of it this way. You have always been! Your prior existence was within the Great Spirit, meaning God. You are a little Spirit and have come upon the earth from God. You have a mission. It includes that you are here to bring forth spiritual connections. You have never lost your Spiritual Understanding, yet you may have not been aware of It as you could have been. Now is the time. The place is to meditate, go within, listen, and permit what you discover to enrich how you live.


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