• 1  "The Laws Of Attraction Regarding Relationships."

    2  "What Did Jesus Want From Us Or For Us?"

    3 "Judgments And Appearances"

    4 "There Are No Victims"

    5 "Causes, Effects, And Wars: Good Doesn't Take Sides"

    6 "Spiritual Healings"

    7 "The Science Of Belief"

    8 "Being True to Oneself."

    9 "Forgiveness And Innocence"

    Radio - First Program

    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is

    "The Laws of Attraction regarding relationships."

    Hello friends, Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." Indeed you can use it to attract all the Good in your life that you desire including wonderful and lasting relationships, because the most fundamental Laws of Attraction lie within this Power.

    Two components of this show are called "Tips about Affirmative Prayers" and "S.O.S." The "Tips" come midway and the "S.O.S." is near the end.

    This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics. Also, the awarenesses of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of this have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw summations of these fields of inquiry. They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts. The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been. To discover that "Hidden Truth" we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play "the fool." How do we look deeply into them? We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed. These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality.

    You may have seen the new movie "The Law of Attraction," or maybe you will soon see it. It is definitely entertaining, yet the Laws of Attraction about which I speak today - go way beyond its theme. Romance and chemistry attract particular kinds of friendships. Fortunately, there is something more than romance, some other considerations, which can be used with great resourcefulness to attract others or a special other into your life.

    Many people talk about the chemistry that people sometimes have for each other and often claim that romantic interests or the other most satisfying relationships stem from that chemistry. The interest here however is not about physical considerations, but is about those that are spiritual. To me the most essential basis for achieving the most desirable attractions comes through the understanding of the nature of Mind or Consciousness. Now, we capitalize this word Mind, because as you will come to know, It is central to all we believe and teach. Many persons sincerely believe that attractions come through the stars or the relationships of different kinds of personalities, or the controls people use to manipulate their circumstances, all which may be involved. However, if we turn our interest in the direction of what would be the best way to employ a skill for bringing about ideal relationships, the consciousness of Mind is my choice. Something of the way the Mind works is the primary cause, and can override all of those other considerations. Until we grasp this, the conception about fate figures in and we have to consciously rise above it so as to also dismiss its being a factor.

    Consider then, how is it that you function? There is something greater than you are, call it God or just the way Life is, and go on from there. That is, if you will begin with God or an awareness of how Life functions as you, and believe that you have great potential, you will, however gradually, become aware of Life’s greater empowerments. That is, you can become conscious of Life’s opportunities, Its greater privileges. I desire this for you, but you cannot recognize what it is that I am saying, what your greater experiences of Life can be - until you deeply desire to know Life vastly better than you probably have so far. This means that you have got to care about what is happening with you. You are to care so much that you will give greater thought to attracting the persons who are right for you. For me, I gave up the idea when I was a teenager that I could attract the right person to marry. I turned over my considerations to God. A short time later a lady came into my Life who has been my wife for 54 years, and I have grown and gained from her by doing this, and from the continuous joy that has come from knowing I went about this in a right way.

    I would never have selected the right lady companion if romance, chemistry, the stars, expectations of fate or the use of manipulation had been my only procedures. For one reason, she is very different from me. I have not only found the right companion through using the principles latent in the Mind’s Power for Good, but many other wonderful relationships have happened over the time it has taken to deepen my awareness that I need Divine Guidance to attract people who are right for me. I desire to share with you how it has become clearer and clearer, more and more effective...because I know you too can achieve this.

    So, come along with me and allow yourself to consciously think in the direction of what really makes for happiness and success in all your relationships and in everything you do! Change your thinking and you change your life. Old habits fall away. New, wonderful friends come your way. Through this method you can naturally attract the most wonderful relationships you can imagine. What then is this method? It is to adjust your idea about the nature of God. It includes that God is best known as the Mind behind and within all there is of the Universes.

    God has given all of us the freedom to determine our own destinies. However, to claim and determine in the here and now our destinies requires us first to know that we are free. We are to believe that we are closer to God who has made us to be free than to other persons who try to influence our courses of action. Fortunately, God is "closer than hands and feet." As we listen to the inner guidance like Moses did, and surrender to the teachings of Jesus who told us that we need to discover what Truth really is, we can become free of the fetters we have borrowed from friends and instilled upon ourselves. We think that we are fighting to free ourselves while all the time we are variously habituated to alcohol, foods, cigarettes, gossip, prejudices, and to living our lives from what others have told us. When we listen well to God’s wisdom, surrender to it, and express it, that is when freedom begins. That is, we can be made free!

    No matter what mistakes you have made, if you believe that your Life is restored to wholeness, it is! What you believe has to rule your life. However the belief that frees you is not experienced without surrendering yourself to the highest spiritual principles. Freedom only comes about as you raise your consciousness to transcend your ideas that Life is limited. Amazingly, this is what the Bible teaches. In its conclusion (its original last words), it reads: "...and let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price." Another translation says: "...whoever will, let him take the water of life freely." The water of life is the symbol for living without limitations. This is accomplished through having a higher understanding of Truth. It is then that you can use prayer very effectively. When your own belief is similar to persons like Jesus, you will begin to free yourself. The answer to this is not that you have to go to a particular kind of church, nor believe the same as others about how you interpret the Bible, nor explain the nature of Jesus in some particular way, nor serve God according to the requirements of a revered minister, nor even live by some moral code, although all of these considerations have some importance. But, the central consideration is simply that you have to learn how to pray in a way that will gain the results that you desire. This means that you need to personally understand the real nature of God. To accomplish this, you need to change much of your thinking about God, religion, and the nature of guilt. The consciousness that is like the contemplations of God will do it.

    How do you change your thinking to bring this about? Always you are experiencing the natural results of that about which you are conscious. What you may not have known is that there is only One Mind in all the Universes: It is the Mind of God. That Mind has caused and created everything. Inasmuch as we were "made in Its Image," everything that happens in our lives has also been created by the One Mind. We are made to experience the ideas that our conscious minds think about. When our thoughts are mistakes, because we were made free, we have to experience the effects of them. We have to learn how to function responsibly. To the extent that we allow God’s wisdom to permeate our thoughts our lives are blessed. The One Mind is Unconditionally Loving, and therefore, it never accuses you or me for our mistakes, but is always ready to teach us how to think and act in accordance with the wisdom which corrects mistakes. You are wise as you present yourself as both a trusting and ready channel through which God can express you more wonderfully, and grow you spiritually into a better son or daughter.

    My first discovery of the reality of God and God’s unlimited resourcefulness that could deliver me from mistakes occurred when I was sixteen. Up until then, when I had prayed nothing happened for me and I questioned that God existed. I went to Church regularly. I lived by very high morals. I recognized that Jesus had undoubtedly been as great a person as had ever lived, yet for me, prayers seemed not to work. And then, I stumbled onto the greatest secret, much as a scientist usually invents something that benefits us by stumbling onto it; as scientists put it, quite by accident.

    The greatest secret was in two parts. One was not to believe any longer upon what others told me unless deep within myself I felt God telling me that something of what others told me was the Truth. Secondly, it was for me to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was real, was there for me, and to cast out all other thoughts about God, religion, and the thought that anything else mattered. I did not learn this from anyone else. It came to me from a very deep place in my thoughts because I had totally given up that any other solution could help me. After my initial awareness, others who knew of this also helped me to increase my sense of this principle for greater living. Until I knew this, I tried everything else I could think of, and then it was that my life was a miserable failure.

    One night, I felt extremely disappointed with my life. Right then, I began to consider that God might exist, but that even if I were to persuade myself that God was real, it would do me no Good unless God could empower me to live effectively. Like a scientist I wanted to demonstrate something wonderful; in my case, it had to be that my Life would function well. My reasoning brought me to think that God could not assist me unless I were to surrender my whole Life to God and trust Him for everything. Such a surrender could not have come unless I was willing to admit that nothing else would work well for me.

    I dared approach God with the idea that God could empower my Life to work well - simply by admitting that I did not know how to do that myself, and that if God existed I was willing for God to fully express all my thoughts, feelings, and actions, as me. For hours, I said this over and over while I cried so much that I could not understand how long tears could keep flowing. Then, in the middle of the night, suddenly I became filled with Unconditional Love, something I had never conceived could be. The peace that passes all understanding filled my mind, my soul, and my body.

    The confidence that my life was changing right then moved me to an affirmative set of thoughts which I had never known before. Most days since then I have spent one hour repeating similar thoughts to what I first declared, and the Presence of God has never left me.

    Now is time for the TIPS about Affirmative Prayer. The tip for today is that Affirmative Prayer works better when we speak our words to God with expectancy and confidence. Too often people function meekly when asking God for healing. It is true that "The meek will inherit the earth," but only after our times have become past times. Right now, to have prayers answered with powerful solutions, we are wise to speak boldly, confidently, with all the expectancy that we would have with our own parents if they were loving and we were yet children.

    Coming back to the theme for today, you may be asking, "How can my understanding that there is One Mind help me?" There is an answer which is practical and immediately available for you. You have been given two tools to achieve your wonderful dreams for greater living. One is that your conscious mind (one of the tools) can learn wisdom from the Spirit of God. The other is that the subconscious (the other tool) receives everything about which you think and as you allow God-Wisdom to guide your life, your experiences are gradually changed for the better.

    To use these tools effectively, first, you have to know that undoubtedly you have used them incorrectly. To understand this, compare them to two physical tools. If you had a hammer and saw, and you tried to cut something by pounding on it with the hammer or tried to drive nails into some boards by hitting them with a saw - you would function ineffectively. If you then allowed someone to explain how those tools could be used effectively, you would achieve your ends quite well. Suppose then that you have been thinking consciously (one of the tools) in a way that invites trouble. You would manifest trouble. Know that as you deepen your spiritual interests, through using your conscious mind to talk with God, then you acquire wisdom. Then the subconscious (the other tool) which keeps a record of your decisions, what you believe, will make you do the better actions, those which you have then chosen. The basic spiritual Laws of Attraction then - are the right use of your conscious thought and the consequent subconscious action which attracts to you whatever you have placed in Mind.

    Unless you open yourself up to the wisdom of God and change your thinking to positive ideas, the subconscious will continue to make you experience old beliefs which are stored up from your earlier thoughts, those that originated at a time when you did not know that it was so important to think wisely, and before you knew that your wisest thoughts come from God. Why does the subconscious make your mistakes happen in your Life? It is because that is the only way that God could have really created you free.

    Learning to turn to God and to allow God to assist you in forming better thoughts is both your only sensible and responsible recourse. Unless your thinking is considerate of all other people who in some way touch upon your life, any experiences which hurt others will come back upon you, and hurt you. But, as you come into this higher understanding of Spirit, neither you nor they have to experience further harm.

    Now, let us consider examples.

    To either spend a lot of time with a person who has some offensive actions or to marry such a one - and particularly if you think that you can change such a person - is a mistake. You cannot change another! But considering that you are free to resist God’s wisdom, suppose you temporarily coerce another person to change. The result means that both you and the other will experience problems.

    For instance, suppose you actually get a person to stop drinking or stop smoking or stop lying to you or stop having relations with another friend of your gender. Even though you may think it was Something Good that you forced upon another, you molested the other person’s right to function freely. That person will likely hold a grudge (probably silently) because he or she felt he or she had to conform. Either a divorce or an act of vengeance will ordinarily follow for your having this power over him or her. There is always a solution from wisdom, but coercion is not a wise move. Suppose you experience a marriage in which a strong dependency rules. The dependency may be what you think you want, but greater happiness will then be impossible for either of you. "Why," you may ask? If you are in charge, you may satisfy a sadistic desire, but sadism is not a state of happiness. Happiness does not come from being a power, it comes from using the Universal Power for Good. To feel desirous of being in the position of power is the result of someone’s giving up that he or she can be happy, and substituting the satisfaction of being in control for the happiness that has not been found. If you think that you desire to be controlled by the other, you have a masochistic desire. Whether you want to control or be controlled, there is something about yourself that needs to be changed. And no one is truly happy unless both persons can care for themselves. Now, it is your time to ask any questions about relationships.

    It is time for S.O.S. - For many people it has meant "Save Our Ship." Our interest in Spirit here leads us to mean "See Only Solutions." If you have a friend who is ill or you are not well yourself, no matter how serious the circumstances seem to be, do not sympathize with the condition which is being experienced. Love the person by not feeling sorry for him or her or yourself. The reason for this is that whenever God heals through our prayers, we become sympathetic, but not with the condition, rather with the solution. For instance, if you sympathize through feeling sorry for a person’s cancerous condition, you are not helping, but you are assisting the condition to remain or get worse. Only sympathize with thoughts of a perfect recovery. I have experienced many healings; some of them were instantaneous, and always my mind was on the recovery, never on the problem. See Only Solutions.

    Next week, my subject will be "What Did Jesus Want From Us Or For Us?" I will show how Jesus desired that we turn our thoughts toward the potential for greater living which God has implanted in every person. He taught us the techniques of effective prayer, both by example and through explaining its principles.

    May your week be a happy one. This is Dr. Royal Satterlee saying Goodbye for now, and believe me when I say: no matter what you have done, God Loves you just as you are, and your Life is getting better and better as you believe this.

    Radio - Second Program

    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is:

    "What Did Jesus Want From Us Or For Us?"

    Hello friends, Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." This is a statement which can be well applied to how it is that Jesus functioned. Rather than being caught up in the sacrifices that were claimed as necessary by the High Priests, Jesus discovered God as the Presence of Love, Life, and guidance deep within his own self. Through this discovery, he found a Power for Good which he used to help people overcome the obstacles that they were experiencing in their individual lives. Additionally, at age thirty, he attracted disciples to whom he taught his method for living Life abundantly. They discovered how to use the Power for Good and how to share it with people who were hurting.

    Jesus’ message for us today also is for us to use this Power for Good. We can adopt his method through observing his manner of expressing Life. Today, many persons are enthused about the idea that this thing called Life is the Presence and Power of God within us. Last week we examined how to upgrade the relationships that we have with others; this week we are examining the relationship that we have with Life or God. We have not understood that God and Life are one and the same. Jesus felt that his mission on earth included his making it clear that God and Life are the same thing. This was a redirection of spiritual understanding from what the Priests of his time were indicating. Jesus did not teach that we need to sacrifice so as to please God. He taught that God is forever pleased with us, and is guiding us so that we can live even better lives. No judgment comes from God - rather guidance comes, and God is infinitely patient with us while we experience fear of God rather than simple trust.

    Jesus was the spiritual genius for all ages. This includes that in his establishing new connections with God and those within ourselves, sacrifices were abolished. The very idea that Jesus sacrificed his Life is a misconception. He gave his Life to the cause of our finding that God is to be known as the Life that is forever flowing through us. He was clearly rebellious to his environmental influences. Of course, there were many of them that he accepted and practiced, yet he transcended the general practices of his contemporaries. Only as we become rebels ourselves do we discover the real Jesus.

    Many people think of Jesus as the great servant of the people. He was a great servant, but his service was to the expression of living abundantly. This is because - to him God was Life, all the Life there is, and he felt that he was here "that we might have Life, and have it more abundantly."

    In his experience of Life, he enjoyed himself to the hilt. He proclaimed himself "a winebibber and a glutton." He partied many a night, all of which is recorded in the scriptures. How could one man function that way and still serve the people with Unconditional Love and High Wisdom? It had to be because God truly is Life, and that Life was maximally flowing through Jesus.

    Two components of this show are called "Tips about Affirmative Prayers" and "S.O.S." The "Tips" come midway and the "S.O.S." is near the end.

    This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics. Also, the awarenesses of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of this have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw summations of these fields of inquiry. They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts. The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been. To discover that "Hidden Truth" we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play "the fool." How do we look deeply into them? We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed. These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality.

    The greatness of Jesus, first and foremost, was that he developed the empowerment of effective prayer. There are four steps that he masterfully walked from his early childhood until he was thirty. The first step was to reconceptualize the nature of God in his childhood. How he did that remains a mystery, but that he did so is clear and easy to detect. The reason that it remains mysterious is because he surely was a human being just as we are, and to reconceptualize anything is considered impossible until a person is about twelve, the age when logical thought becomes each person’s capacity. Before that time, people are at first influenced largely through parents or guardians in their environment. After seven years of age, the influence is to some extent transferred from parents or guardians alone to peers of the child.

    It is probably true that Jesus’ mother and father, Mary and Joseph, were spiritually advanced beyond most people around them. The more important consideration about Jesus in relationship to his father is not whether there was a virgin birth, but that Jesus got the idea that his real Father was God. He may have been taught that from the beginning. Certainly the idea of Mary’s believing she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit could well have been the case even if she was physically impregnated otherwise. Many mothers believe that God has in someway been the initial cause of their being able to bear a child or children. A mother could pass on that belief to a child, and a child could thereby believe that he or she is divine. We are all God’s children, but the more we are convinced of it, then the more we are likely to commune with God deep within our own selves. This brings us to the second step. It was that Jesus obviously established a pattern for relating himself to God. And it was an internal experience.

    Everything that happens in our lives comes from ideas planted in our consciousness which we established in last week’s broadcast. Although Jesus must have placed such a pattern in his mind before he reached the age that he might have logically determined that he could do so, the belief that he was God’s Son which he could have felt from the influence of his parents could have been the pattern. By the way, we could do the same thing. The fact that most of us did not do this in childhood does not rule out that we can do it now. Many of us think of ourselves as children of God. To see ourselves as a Son or Daughter of God, with the capacity to express as much Good as we desire is possible to do right now, because it is always "done unto us as we believe," as we again remind ourselves from last week’s broadcast.

    The third step that Jesus took was to think of what he did as being something anyone else could do. In other words, it seemed to him to be a natural act to specify that God was within him and that this is the place for all people to discover what is true by communing with a Presence inside them, the same Presence that Jesus knew for himself. He provided this description throughout his ministry, that God was alive or the very Life of him, at his center. He therefore believed that guidance was not based so much on what mom and dad said or other people indicated, but what was said deep inside, from an obviously Higher Source.

    Now is time for the TIPS about Affirmative Prayer. The tip for today is for us to notice that Jesus was teaching people that the thoughts that they had were the cause for their actions. When the thoughts of prayer are to believe that something Good can happen for us on a regular basis, and every seeming problem is seen as an opportunity for something Good to come out of it, the effect is exactly that. Consider that he was the first scientist to teach cause and effect. When you really believe in positive outcomes, they have to happen. It is a Spiritual Law. You have set causes into motion, and their effects are always forthcoming.

    Coming back to the theme for today, the fourth step that Jesus took was to develop a basis for all that would happen in his ministry. The biblical basis is explained as the experience of facing himself and how he would express his adult life through his going out into the wilderness and examining several considerations that had entered his mind. Those considerations were not coming to him from "deep inside." They were coming from worldly influences which had him wondering about how he would use the empowerment from the inner resourcefulness. The scriptures peg them as being temptations from the devil. Here it is important that we get clear on what that experience was all about, because he immediately told his disciples as quickly as he invited them to follow him, that the experience of the temptations was a crossing over from not having yet begun his lifework to the experience of commencing with its actions. To understand this, we are wise to notice that in his many studies, not only were they pursued with the intent to appreciate and relate to the rendition of the books that many of us think of as the Old Testament, but also, through the scriptures and ideas of other religions and cultures. Likely the most influential among them was a teacher of enormous influence from Persia, a man variously named Zoroaster or Zarathustra.

    Jesus’ interest in Zoroaster was first stimulated by his knowing that many Jews were familiar with that prophet’s teaching. In the exile of the Jews of Judah to Babylon, occurring in 597 b.c.e. and 586 b.c.e., they had familiarized themselves with Zoroastrianism. The harsh life they experienced at first in Babylon was eventually changed into a kinder captivity through the Persian’s conquering the Babylonians in 538 b.c.e. Then, many Jews had been given somewhat equal opportunities to the Persians, and consequently, they became studious of the faith that was accepted by their new neighbors.

    Those Persians believed that two gods existed temporarily. One was called Ahura Mazda, a god representing Light, and the other Angra Mainyu, a god representing darkness. Zoroaster had taught them that those two gods were simply the two possibilities of how Life could be experienced by people. If people were to identify themselves more with the God of Light, the other would be dissolved. He taught people to think "Good thoughts," speak "Good Words," and do "Good Deeds." This procedure provided people with the privilege to freely choose what they desired to be their destiny, but were encouraged to choose a positive Life experience.

    Jesus was greatly influenced by these concepts. Zoroaster had labeled "Ahura Mazda" as the Truth and Angra Mainyu as "The Lie" or the devil. In the Gospel of John, Jesus identified his contemporaries as believing in "The Lie," but he accepted the "Father Within" as all the Truth there is. In Matthew and Luke, Jesus spoke of "The Lie" as the devil and told how he had dismissed from his Life that false advisor.

    In Matthew, Jesus also retold Zoroaster’s story of "people’s crossing the bridge between this Life and the next Life." Everything is the same as it was in this famous story except that Jesus substituted "people’s being gathered before the throne of God." In the story, some people expressed Love and others withheld It. Those who Loved experienced heaven, and those that didn’t experienced hell. Both Jesus and Zoroaster thought of those states as experiences of consciousness. Both stories included that this would be an everlasting consequence.

    Because the people who heard the story from Jesus already knew of it from Zoroaster, it is obvious that what one prophet believed the other also believed. After telling the story, Zoroaster made it very clear that he really meant that the unfortunate consequences simply would have lasted for a very long, long time, and not really forever. Jesus knew his audience was very familiar with Zoroaster’s interpretation so that a correct understanding is that the consequence was not meant as being forever. A careful reading of Jesus’ explanations about spirituality also makes it clear that the consciousness has to do with both this life and our after life.

    We are wise therefore to turn away from all conceptions that Jesus meant to frighten us into doing Good. Rather, we are to express an openness to the principles for right living that he taught. It is only possible to experience healing of our many issues as we know that the "Father Within" is unconditionally loving and is not intending harm to anyone beyond what we bring upon ourselves. Heaven and hell to Jesus were words that meant what Life would be like for us in our experiences of Life here and after according to our thoughts, words, and deeds. He did not mean that God is angry with us for our mistakes, but rather that the way Life functions is to give us the effects of how we think, speak, and act. God is above expressing anger and any of our other emotions that arise from human feelings.

    Jesus even goes so far as to tell us that God or the "Father judges no one, but has given all judgment to the Son." Of course, if you do not think you are a Son of God, but that only Jesus was, your conclusion could be that God makes no judgments, that only Jesus makes judgments. However, you are a Son or Daughter of God, and you are a judgmental type being; all humans are. If the capital S in the word Son in the Gospel of John precludes for you that only Jesus is the Son of God, then ask yourself, what kind of persons are we? If you were a Prince or Princess, you would be of the same royal vintage as the King and Queen. In the same way God does not make junk. The difference between Jesus and ourselves is that Jesus knew who he was and therefore he expressed his potentiality in a way that moves us to think highly of him. However, you too have the same capacity; you simply may be ignorant of that so far. Jesus was not the exception, but he was the great example of what Life can be.

    There are no bad persons. There are Good Persons in every case, who in numerous instances do not yet know who they are, and have acted out bad schemes. But, even Jesus bade us to consider all persons as Good. He says to us in John 7:24 "Do not judge by appearances, but judge by righteous judgment." That obviously means that a person may function with poor behavior, but the right judgment of them is that at the core such a one is Good, and it is yet to be discovered by those who are making serious mistakes. We are expected to Love everyone and know that God Loves all of us, and that no one is excepted.

    If we are not loving everyone as our equal we have missed the nature of Jesus and the Life possibility that we have been given. At the center of each one of us is the Christ principle. Ernest Holmes has taught us, "...the Christ means...the Second person of the Trinity...each one ‘puts on the Christ’ to the degree that he surrenders a limited sense of Life to the Divine Realization of wholeness and unity with Good, Spirit, God." That Jesus succeeded in doing this is obvious. But, we too can live by the Christ principle, and that is what Jesus chose to prove. To say that Jesus’ mission was to divide us into two groups and that we are in one group or the other depending on whether we believe in him or not, is to ignore that he spent most of his time with sinners, that is, with the people who were making mistakes. His parables such as that of the "Prodigal Son," is to show that the boy judged himself severely, but upon returning home was greeted by the Father who had no judgment against him, none whatsoever. Read the story again if you think otherwise. Observe that the Father loved the boy without judgment, but that both Sons in that story judged themselves.

    Jesus’ message contains many wonderful ideas about us and our lives, but nowhere does he judge anyone as bad. Paul, in the scriptures, has a different idea about this. Although Paul wrote many marvelous ideas, he was too influenced by his past malicious behavior to fully understand that Jesus only saw the Good in everyone. There is still much more that we know about Jesus today. In this program, we have barely announced what is increasingly known from the recent find of early manuscripts near Nag Hammadi, Egypt. For instance, "The Gospel of Thomas" was probably written earlier than Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It is increasingly considered by many biblical scholars of note that some of Thomas’ writings carry a greater legitimacy than anything else from the mouth of Jesus. Consider the consciousness that Jesus had and was trying to impart to us from this passage: "Jesus says, ‘Whoever will drink from my mouth will become like me. I myself will become he and what is hidden will be reveled to him.’ "

    Jesus wanted us to know ourselves. To know oneself was to him the route to knowing the "Father Within." To understand what this means, consider this one from the Nag Hammadi’ find: "When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will realize that you are the children of the living Father. But if you do not come to know yourselves, then you exist in poverty and you are that poverty."

    One more of those fantastic quotes is this one, which shows that Jesus was the first psychologist: "Jesus said, ‘If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.’ "

    What then did Jesus want from us and for us? Ask yourself, what is it that you would want for someone whom you Love? Wouldn’t it be that something you do especially well and gives you joy be what you would want for someone else? He wanted every one of us to think that God is inside us and that we are inseparable from God. We can all be guided through being true to who we are. This was his means of empowerment and it was his mission to teach us that we can express this empowerment too. The consciousness that he had can be ours too as we believe.

    It is time for S.O.S. - For many people it has meant "Save Our Ship." Our interest in Spirit here leads us to mean "See Only Solutions." It may seem impossible to always expect perfect solutions to come about from your problems. However, only as you expect this, can it happen. Every time that you think the problems will remain or will get more serious, they will continue until you have punished yourself enough. Think of it as being the feeling that you do not like yourself enough, but what something awful has to keep happening. There are people who always overcome their problems. They are not necessarily wealthy. They do not always have the best set of genes. They do not always know other people who "will bail them out" of difficulties. Rather, they believe they are not only Good at the core, but that guidance from the Presence within them is always there. You can know this too. Simply change your thinking today, and allow yourself to be represented by your Good Nature, and always remember that you are in partnership with God for your Good. See Only Solutions.

    Next week, my subject will be "JUDGMENTS AND APPEARANCES" I will show how your thinking judgmentally is the result of living according to what your five senses tell you. There is much more to Life than the appearances. They are superficial. Deeper within everything lies the cause and potentiality for joy, wonder, wholeness, and deep satisfactions.

      May your week be a happy one. This is Dr. Royal Satterlee saying Goodbye for now, and believe me when I say: no matter what you have done, God Loves you just as you are, and your Life is getting better and better as you believe this.


    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is "JUDGMENTS AND APPEARANCES"

    Hello friends, Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." This is a statement about how we can turn our experiences of Life around from reacting to people and situations that seem wrong to discovering that something is right about every person and every experience and thereby watch truly Good experiences to be in our lives wherever we go.

    Two components of this show are called "Tips about Affirmative Prayers" and "S.O.S." The "Tips" come midway and the "S.O.S." is near the end.

    This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics. Also, the awarenesses of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of this have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw summations of these fields of inquiry. They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts. The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been. To discover that "Hidden Truth" we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play "the fool." How do we look deeply into them? We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed. These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality.

    The subject of how "Judgments and Appearances" are related was deeply rooted in the thoughts of Jesus. He spoke about this in John 7:24. In the King James version of the Bible he said it this way: "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment."    In the interpretation of both the Revised Standard version and the New Revised Standard Version, it reads: "Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment." The "New International Version," reads this way: "Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment." No matter how it is turned, the meaning is clear. It means that the way that anything appears to be is not what it is. Its reality is hidden behind a screen. The screen is undoubtedly there because of the relationship that exists between that which is seen and that which is its observer. Otherwise, its reality would be as clear as crystal.

    Another way to say this is that the observer does not have the ability to see anything as it is through the five senses alone. The observer who uses reason to logically discern what is viewed is nevertheless handicapped by past thoughts stored in the subconscious mind which compare what is being observed with similar appearances from that one's past. The examples of what I mean abound. Suppose that you are looking at a tree in springtime. You are noticing its leaves and blossoms. The leaves are a gorgeous green color and its floral display is awesome. However, some persons are moved by its beauty vastly more than you are. Some are not even interested to do more than glance at it and then move on. Why is there this difference?

    Go into a great art gallery with many pictures from master artists. Take several friends with you. It is likely that some of these persons will desire to gaze upon certain pictures for a much longer time then yourself. Others will tire of them and sit somewhere for a long time simply waiting for you and the others to be ready to leave. Why is there this difference?

    It happens because all persons are not created alike. Differences exist in the individualities created by God. There are differences in how they react to their individual God-given talents. Some like themselves just as they are.                                                Many struggle to be like someone else who they think expresses well fame or fortune. Some try to satisfy moms or dads. Some others marry another who they try to personally support in the role of Life that the spouse chooses to follow. Many live out their lives depressed and/or experience diseases which limit their ability to express heightened joy and peace of mind.

    The result of most of the ways that people react to their Life experiences is that they do not see that Life is truly as pleasant as they would like it to be. Their thought atmosphere prevents their seeing opportunities, people, and privileges as wonderful as they are.

    Contrarily anyone who feels especially Good about himself or herself will tend to see beauty in the objects of nature more readily. And, when they meet people who are troubled in any way, they will see a resourcefulness in them which these persons will not see in themselves.     .

    As Jesus met the ill, the downcast, the condemned of society, or persons with deformed bodies or minds, he saw them as having a resourcefulness which was right then actively changing all of those unfortunate conditions. For instance, Jesus met a man with a withered right hand and saw it free of deformity. As Jesus spoke to the man, the man's hand changed on the spot. I met an eighty-four year old woman in Ohio who had two deformed hands. She had loved to write and desired to do so again but her writing was illegible. I prayed affirmative prayers for her on two occasions. After several months, she sent me letters in fine handwriting. When I saw her again, her hands looked normal. This

    is an illustration of what is possible for us to do when looking at someone while discounting unsatisfactory appearances. I knew that I could not accept her condition as it appeared to be. I could not judge her as though she was stuck with a condition that could keep her from living a happy Life. The result was that her true condition reappeared.

    In our individual lives, whatever experiences we may have of work, health, relationships, or supply for our interests, be they needs or desires that seem elusive, we can demonstrate reversals which meet the demands we would like Life to provide. The way this works is through our envisioning what we desire, and then, by turning to the inner wisdom which is God-given, listening and allowing It to care for us in accord with an unlimited expectancy for the Good that enables us to live well. Of course, we have to be open to the Divine Resourcefulness, knowing that It can guide us in the direction we need to go. We have to pledge our hands and feet, our tongues and hearts to act in accord with the Divine Ideas for our Good.

    That method for seeing beyond appearances works best for those of us who not only see that Good can be ours, but who aspire to Love others enough to see that their needs are met too. Those who do best of all are the persons who Love others so much that they find ways to commit themselves to a career of serving other people in ways that lift up the welfare of many people around them. Actions alone are not enough! Actions are important though, and need be the results of people's having developed a mental atmosphere which is full of spontaneous Love for the people who are closest to them.

    Now is time for the TIPS about Affirmative Prayer. -The tip for today is that Affirmative Prayer works especially well for us as we choose to be rays of sunshine to others. This is accomplished as we open our hearts to everyone we meet. In every conversation, we do well to think of other persons as being at ease, happy, peaceful, confident, and well expressed. It is within everyone to be these ways. Even within persons who seem impossibly mired in disappointments is another marvelous conception. This other viewpoint is that of the creator. We may not observe any of it in the way they appear. Therefore, we do best to imagine it about them. Our five senses may conclude that this is absurd. Our logic may not see any possibility that they are worth the time we take to think about them in this way. However, deep within us is the Divine Urge to know each other person as magnificent. This is the only way God ever sees them. We are wise to see with God, the Truth, the Higher Reality about each person. Nothing we ever think or do is of a more vital reality.

    This takes time to cultivate. Taking time each day to quiet the pictures in our minds of people's being poor, sick, unhappy, and so on, opens up the ability to imagine them in a better way. We have to choose to do this. At first, we must discipline ourselves to do so regularly. Eventually we find it becomes spontaneous.

    Seeing things as they truly are is something which we can only express well as we cultivate a better mental attitude of what Life is really about. But some persons may say, "Jesus taught us not to judge." From this passage we can see that they have misunderstood the Master Teacher.  They may say that we need to examine the opening words from Matthew in the seventh chapter. It reads: "Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? ...first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye." But, notice that even here Jesus did not say not to judge. What he said is "First take the log out of your own eye." Putting the rest into an explanation of the action that he encouraged, "Then, you will see clearly" how to help another who may have a problem.

    The awareness we need to gain is that no one can avoid making judgments, because to judge is to think, and thinking is a natural action that will never cease for us. However, we can think that we are all God's children and that this means our real selves are better than they appear to be.

    We may need to do a lot of affirmative praying, but gradually we will be able to see the Good that lies below the surface of another. We would be unwise to lash out with advice as we begin to see Good in another, but we can form a new idea of who they are. We can think of their attributes which occasionally have been expressed and laud them silently, but with expectancy that they will convey Good actions in their lives. This procedure will be the beginning of our being transformed. When others sense our heightened attitudes, some will open up to ask how we did it. Then, we can share a little (not too much) and they will make adjustments before our very eyes, not for us, but for themselves.

    All this begins with an awareness of how we judge with critical thoughts. It ends with our developing a presence that attracts people to us who desire to change their lives similarly. Gradually we discover how to think about everything with the idea that inside of its appearance is something greater ready to emerge and be all that it can be. In addition to people, the experiences of nature, the art gallery, and anything whatsoever become vastly more beautiful. What changed? It was not the other things. It is our attitude. And it includes that we are loved and liked better than ever.

    I have an affirmation which I have taught people to use which has provided many of them a resource that lifts them out of judging by appearances into looking for the Good and praising it. I developed it in the year 1980. Before I share it, I am going to tell you about how some specific persons were blessed by it.

    I was teaching a class of eight persons. It happened that seven were whites and one was black. The latter was a young man, just thirty-two years old. He was the first of those persons to grasp what this affirmation could do for his many judgments about how Life was not working well for him. There were six classes; all met on the same weekday, in consecutive order. In the first one I laid the groundwork for understanding that God is so Good that God has no judgments against anyone. This idea was explained in such a manner that everyone was to think upon it with the belief that they would allow this God­Good presence to bless them. They were to know that God held nothing against them.

    Their own ideas that something was wrong about them were to be struck out of their thinking. The idea was that if God had nothing against them, then they had no reason to judge themselves severely for anything that they had done that seemed wrong. Gradually we reduced the idea that not only was a severe judgment out of place, but any judgment that reviewed wrongdoing was. It had to be replaced with the idea that the persons who they really were were Good.

    This is not out of line with Jesus' way of viewing people. Rather, it is seeing Jesus as the great example and emulating his actions. Just as he saw the man with the withered hand as having a perfect hand, we are developing the way that we can see that we are perfect persons, but covered over with false ideas about who we are. We are now seeing ourselves as God sees us. We do not have to view ourselves as guilty, as mean, as dishonest, or as sickly. We do not have to feel anxious that actions which we have condoned in ourselves and others have taken from us the Good of the persons who we have been made to be. We do not have to change our own behavior directly. We do have to have a direct connection with God as our partner in rebuilding our lives.

    Near the end of that first three hour class, I said that I had formed an affirmation which I wanted them all to say at least six times everyday until the next class a week later. I encouraged them to allow the affirmation to affect their lives so that they lived it out in all that they did. The affirmation went like this:

    "Everything in my Life is God. Everything in my Life is Good. I am opening myself to a greater sense of Good. My Word is Power."

    At the conclusion of the last words, they were to say to themselves something about their lives that hadn't seemed very Good, and to declare that it was changed right then. Then they were to repeat the entire affirmation. Again they were to say to themselves that the first thing they had mentioned was being changed right then. Then they were to repeat the whole thing again and again about four to six times. The six times that they were to say it for the day was to include the four to six statements about it each time. That meant they would say it anywhere from twenty-four to thirty-six times in a day. It didn't take a lot of time to do, but I knew the benefits would be great.

    As quickly as I specified the value of this, a lady who was very mature in all ways said that it would be a mistake. That to say everything is Good is not the case. Then the class started reacting, and it was time to close the class. I could have easily felt that the class was not functioning well and that my point was not well received. That was the appearance! I had to insist in my own thoughts that the appearance was not the greater reality, but was something that would fall away as I declared it to be so.

    Despite my doing just that, declaring that the appearance of what happened was not defeating the kind of camaraderie that I was seeking to accomplish, the appearance seemed to remain - until the next class meeting. The big surprise was that the black man arrived early along with half of the other class members. He was so happy that the others jogged him - for why he could be that way. They indicated that they remembered his telling the class the week before that his Life was a mess. Nothing had been going well. This included that his wife was giving him a hard time, he had lost his job - which he didn't like anyway, his money problems were acute, and many other things seemed impossible to resolve. His new enthusiasm sparked tremendous interest. Within a few minutes all the class members were assembled, and we opened up to his telling what was going on. What he first said was, "Well, you remember that affirmation that Rev. Royal gave us?" They said "Yes," although it turned out that he was the only one who had used it that week. He went on to tell how he kept working with it, and item by item all of his calamities turned around. Everything was different. Of course, this included a new job which he loved and which paid him well. Far more than that, he and his wife had a relationship which exceeded everything he had ever known before with her, and every single problem was turned around for the Good. The class was so enthused that they all started writing down the affirmation, and in the remaining weeks, I experienced a transformed group.

    But that was not the end. After I moved to the Midwest the mature lady wrote to me about two years later. She had had such remarkable results in assisting her son who had been in and out of institutions dealing with both drugs and alcohol, that her letter was full of an incredible joy. She had gotten both her son, about twenty-two years of age and her daughter who was then seventeen, to spend some family time with her, working with that affirmation. The son got his Life together and was working at a Good job. The daughter who had had much trouble with her high school studies had completed that schooling, doing enough better, that everything considered, the whole family was exceedingly happy.

    The stories go on and on. I have seen many people transformed through this procedure. Its basic empowerment is that they got their minds off of the appearances and away from judging themselves and others, and were allowing God to be their Good.

    It is time for S.O.S. - For many people it has meant "Save Our Ship." Our interest in Spirit here leads us to mean "See Only Solutions." You can see yourself and everyone in your Life in a new Light. Light means in its deepest sense your having the Intelligence and the awareness to do well in all you experience. You must first see the Light. As you believe that God Loves you Unconditionally, you begin to have a new idea about yourself. You are Good at the core, and that Good will permeate the whole of you as you believe. As you consider your so-called problems, open up only to see Solutions.

    Next week, my subject will be "THERE ARE NO VICTIMS" I will explain that no one can make you a victim unless you allow it. Even if you already think of yourself that way, you can rise out of it.


    RADIO Show 4

    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is


         Hello friends, Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." However, if you are convinced that you have been a victim of any person, situation, or Life Itself, unless you are open to looking anew at your experience, you will remain thinking that you have been or are being victimized. The Power for Good can be drawn upon to change your experience, but only to the degree that you are willing to reconsider your interpretation of disappointments, despair, conflict, and laying blame upon others for how your Life experience is going.

    Two components of this show are called "Tips about Affirmative Prayers" and "S.O.S." The "Tips" come midway and the "S.O.S." is near the end.

    This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics. Also, the awarenesses of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of this have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw summations of these fields of inquiry. They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts. The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been. To discover that "Hidden Truth" we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play "the fool." How do we look deeply into them? We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed. These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality.

    All human experiences are the result of human expectancies. How can this be? Many people may say that they are the victims of others or they were unduly and unfairly influenced. This is the result of thinking that we function like animals. It is true that all kinds of animals reflect their environmental conditions and circumstances. This is not true of human Life. In what we call humanity, there is the experience of having physical bodies as animals do. There is the awareness of using the basic physical senses somewhat as animals do in order to relate to the environment. But the difference between animals and us is that there is a different kind of Intelligence that we have.

    In the case of animals, the Supreme Intelligence has so made them that their relationship to their surroundings is on the basis of many varieties being able to survive through there being great numbers of them. Whether it be storms, fire, or predators that threaten them, they are given various survival techniques which tend to safeguard them. Yet everywhere numerous individuals are victims, especially of the encroachment of human lives who tend to control them to suit the human fancies.

    In human life, no one is a victim of another human, and not of animals nor anything of environment. Nevertheless, it seems to most people that they are victims of people, creatures, and environmental conditions. The reason for there being no victimization from anything outside ourselves is because of something in ourselves. That is, every person is given the use of Intelligence in accord with his or her thoughts. Far too often we use this empowerment to victimize ourselves. In that sense we are victims. However, our toughts are an inside job, and through thinking the ideassafety - we can experience freedom from harm. Additionally, we can provide ourselves the satisfactions of being well expressed, of creatively choosing and fulfilling our deepest aspirations. It happens with everyone who believes that he or she is not a victim of anything.

    Only two possible things stand in the way of our being so creative that Life produces every satisfaction that we seek. Neither of these things need continue to stand in the way of our being successful, happy, resourceful, and experiencing lives of continual poise. However, we are required by the very nature of Life to believe that these two things can no longer hold us back. And until we accomplish that we will assume we are victims, and our assumptions will make it so, not because we are victims of anything outside of our own thoughts, but because our thoughts will cause us to experience what we think about.

    The first one of these things that stand in our way is what we have already examined. It is that we tend to think that we are victims of our environment. Although no environment has anything in it that intends our harm, we have seen animals, storms, fire, and many other environmental influences of people as being destructive at times. Part of the hazard of thinking that the environment is likely to harm us is its leading to a belief like this: "there is a time for me to die." This is a misunderstanding of what exists in Life for us. It is true that someday everyone of us will lay down our bodies. However, our lives will continue on another plane, but even that time is not determined by the environment. The second thing that stands in our way comes from our not believing enough in our inward selves. The results of it is that we do not think that our lives can be incredibly well expressed in the here and now.

    Now is time for the TIPS about Affirmative Prayer. The tip for today is that Affirmative Prayer works especially well for us as we consciously choose to give direction to our higher thoughts. As regards the feeling that we are victimized, the resolution of the problem awaits our becoming conscious that God is right where we are and that Because God is not a victim, we can know that we are not a victim.

    But how do we feel confident that God is with us in all that we do? It is not by luck, nor by begging God to help us. It is by acknowledging that God has made us to think for ourselves and to manifest what we think. Such acknowledgment is made when we affirm at least six times every day with these words "God is all there is and is expressing my Life through me and as me." Of course, we have to feel that this is true. Therefore, we are to affirm the thought and immediately open up our feelings to embrace what we have said. Do this daily and allow the guidance from God to be with you and your Life will surely change for the better. Rather than continuing to be a victim, you will take charge of your Life, and let others do the same.

    Returning to our theme right where we left off, we do well to observe that the very idea that we may have had that we are victims of the environment or that we are not marvelous persons makes us feel that we are victims one way or the other. The reason for this is that what we most think about is generally accepted by our feelings. This is normal. What is not normal is for us to think that we are weak or unable to experience Life successfully. However, if we change our minds, so that we believe that we are well supplied with Good Livingness, our experiences change accordingly. This is because Life really is God. Again, God is not far off, but is the very Life we live. God then, gives us the Life that we believe. We do best to believe that Life is Good, is very positive. We are not really victims, but we are the outcome of what we think, and therefore, we can make ourselves victims by thinking negative thoughts. On the other hand, we can change our thoughts and rise above being victims to expressing our greater interests. How can we do this? THE CAPACITY FOR BEING TRULY FREE OF ANY HARM CAME TO US FROM LONG AGO IN THE EXPLOSION OF CREATIVITY ON EARTH.

    Ernest Homes described this as a sudden inclusion in the evolution of people some aeons ago. It was sudden in geologic time. Up until that time, every new kind of creature that God created was made out of the need to keep new kinds of species safe from predation and other environmental hazards.    Careful of protecting the species, but careless in the protection of individuals within the species, all creatures had to be in superabundance for survival of the varieties to take place.         Need for safety was the insurer. However, in the midst of all that, as brains became more resourceful for the needs of the higher animals, rather suddenly, the brains of our ancient forefathers had an increase of size and capacity that was far more than the necessities for safety could ever require. To quote Ernest Holmes about this, consider, "The brain became an elaborate instrument that was capable of being a channel for thought, creative thought. "

    All of us have vastly more possibilities for happy, successful, prosperous, healthy, and harmonious living than we have ever imagined. It is our benefit to begin imagining this wonderful conception about ourselves now, because as we do, we stand at the threshold of world peace, plenty, harmony, and enj oyments that exceed anything we have ever known before now.

    We are not victims except in our imagining that we are. And the way that we have most imagined that we are victims is through the pursuit of resisting change in our lives. For us to try to keep Life the way it was in the past, any past, is to resist what the Intelligence has in store for us now, and for the Good future which awaits us. To fight other people, other nations, other ways of people who function differently than us, is a high mistake. We have become interested in preserving the wonderful experiences that we have enjoyed, so that we battle with others who seem to be threatening that it cannot remain the same. All the while, most of us know that change is inevitable. We also are wise to recognize that change is Good for all of us. To the extent that we come to know this and embrace it, the kind of changes will be blessings in many ways.

    Better experiences of Life begin as we first of all set aside that we are victims either of environmental influences or of negative thoughts from within ourselves. We can do this by courting the idea that positive changes await our no longer resisting the Greater Life that is increasingly possible for us to experience. Along with a cessation of resistance, we are wise to imagine and express as best as we can right now Life as we would like It to be. We do best as we make sure that what we want is inclined towards that which is both Good for us and for all other people.

    Once we start this course of action, the next thing that follows is for us to accept that what we have experienced and always will experience is what we truly want. To understand this, open your thoughts to the awareness that whatever has happened in your Life is the result of the influences that you have allowed to affect your life. That is, you are always in charge of your Life. Nothing that has ever happened to you could have unless you had allowed it to be through the way you thought and felt about it.

    If everything that happens to you is what you want, and you have experienced much that you think you do not want, how could this have happened? It is a reasonable question. The answer is that you have allowed yourself to be influenced by the thinking of certain persons around you. You are now to know that those persons have only been able to so influence you because you believed that that was the way your Life would be blessed.

    Consider your parents or if you wish consider only one parent at a time. It is true that you expected that they would provide you with a Life that you could appreciate. But they could not have done that, because you are more a child of God than of them. God made you to express your Life independent of others. Of course, you had to begin Life through their association. Also, however they cared for you, until you woke up to your incredible capacities to think for yourself, they were of considerable influence. That was Good; even if you have not liked what has happened for you; their influence has kept you alive and active. However, you and they are different persons. It is time for you now to be yourself. Think for yourself. Choose how you desire your Life to be. Use that incredible brain to creatively live as you deeply desire Life to be. Be sure your choices come from deep within yourself, because that is where you have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

    Please understand that as you take charge of your Life more and more, you are wise not to reject your parents or guardians of your past. Rather, you are to Love them while shifting your actions to ones that assume responsibility for all you do. You will find a great resourcefulness deep within yourself as you allow your feelings about what is Good for you and others to transcend whatever else has been.

    You may feel that many things have happened in your Life that have been extreme disappointments. They are punishments. Life did not make them necessary. God did not do them to you. They were the result of what you thought you had to do to yourself because of your listening too much to others. You may not be conscious of thinking that you should be punished, yet in your allowing yourself to be unduly influenced by others, the idea of punishment which unfortunately permeates all of society has had its way with you - up to now. Punishment is not God's idea, but is the idea of people who feel guilt. You may have done some wrongs, or many wrongs, but your guilt probably outweighs your mistakes. It is essential that most guilt be given up, and the enjoyment of choosing expressions of your Life that can be fruitful take its place. You are worthy of expressing Life cheerfully at all times. But you must think it and believe it, for it to be the overriding factor in your experiences. This is not to say that guilt has no place in your Life. Rather, it is to say that most guilt is a mistake.    Most of what you have felt of guilt both consciously and unconsciously is not necessary for you to continue feeling.

    This not to say that there is no right or wrong. On the contrary, everything that any of us do that hurts either ourselves or others is wrong. But, when no harm is done, whatever we do is right. Guilt is a feeling about wrong deeds, and it is beneficial that we feel guilt when it is due. When no one is harmed our actions are right and do not deserve guilt feelings. When harm is done the consequent feeling of guilt helps us to mend the wrongdoings.

    The idea that there are victims is contrary to the understanding that God has created every person, place, and thing. This erroneous concept is the result of thinking that some people are not God's children. When we think that way, some persons feel that we have victimized them. We may not agree with them, but we need to search our thoughts, and ask ourselves whether we are making some persons uneasy as a consequence of a superior attitude that we may have. On the other hand, if we feel victimized by others, then we too have the false believe that others are not equal to us.

    We are wise to look for how we can think of every person on earth as a brother or sister. Until we do, there will be people thinking that they are victims, and sometimes we may think that it is us.

    Our best course of action is to recognize that victimization is unnecessary because God is unlimited in what God can do. God can supply everyone with all they need. God's Love can be felt by everyone who is open to the inner sense of each self because at the core we are all Good persons. We only have to discover this. To discover this Truth, we have to know that we cannot really know it and truly feel it until we no longer think that God is somewhere else. God is within us, now and always.

    Most people today are aware that when some persons have had extreme diseases, accidents or other conditions which bring about death that they sometimes cross over to the next Life and then come back to live on here for a long while afterwards. I have had some of these persons share their experience with me and most of them have told me that the most incredible awareness of Love they had ever known was over there.

    One of the most beautiful persons that I have met shared with me that she has died twice in her life. After coming back to this Life, she had a message which I feel is the most wonderful Truth that exists. She told me that she learned from the other side of our reality that the consciousness we build in this Life of feeling loved by other people is left behind as we go on. The consciousness which makes the next life especially wonderful comes out of what we gave of Love to others while here. If we can learn about this now, all victimization will disappear and the joy of loving others now will become the mark and meaning of a Life truly lived.

    Putting this altogether, God's Love is incredible. Our greater sense of It is not the result of trying to feel that we are okay and unjudged. Rather it is the experience that we have as we let go that we can know what Love is without allowing the Divine Flow of God-Good to express the Truth of who we are through us and as us. To know this kind of Love, is to consider ourselves as channels for Good Thoughts about everyone we meet regardless of how they think about us and treat us. This was what made Jesus great. He loved everyone he met. When he spoke in terms of their mistakes he did it with Love, but we cannot know this until we allow this same Love to flow through us.

    It is not a matter of being nice to everyone, but rather being honest, caring, and accepting of all persons regardless of what they do to us and/or others. You cannot be victimized if you Love everyone you meet. Some will return that Love and some will not. That does not change the importance of being incredibly open and willing channels for God to express us with the Unconditional Love that God is.

    One lady told me years ago that the concept of Unconditional Love is not a

    reality. She complained of being a victim in almost all her experiences. If she has learned better about this by now, all that is ancient history, because once we know that Unconditional Love is the greater reality, then the experiences of Life flow into Good for us and those around us in startling, amazing measures.

    Wouldn't you enjoy giving from your heart to everyone around you and taking charge of your feelings so that you have the perspective that Life is for giving, rather than for receiving. Notice those words that I just spoke. Again, Life is for giving. Keep thinking about It. Life is forgiving. To give for the privilege of allowing Love to be your thoughts, actions, and demeanor is to know while yet here on earth that Life is wonderful - for the reason that It is the experience of giving cheer, companionship, and peace of mind to all those who come your way. The way to do it best is to cease judging them for what they do, and to replace that with accepting them for the potential Good that they can know as they too meet God in themselves. Remember this, God's Love will be yours as you Love others as you would most enjoy being loved. But don't try to do this for what you can get, but for what you can give.

    It is time for S.O.S. - For many people it has meant "Save Our Ship." Our interest in Spirit here leads us to mean "See Only Solutions." If you choose to give unconditional Love to everyone in your Life, you will quickly discover that It is not possible for you to truly make that happen.     Also, if you try to see solutions for all the problems you have, again you will find it impossible. However, you can experience perfect answers, that is, great solutions, to everything in your Life through giving up trying to make it happen. After you give that up, you are then to open your Life to allowing God to express the perfect solutions through you and as you. Trusting God to use your talents and ideas for Good outcomes provides you the results that are positively wonderful.

    Next week, my subject will be "CAUSES, EFFECTS, AND WARS: GOOD DOESN'T TAKE SIDES" I will explain how thoughts of yourself and others cause everything to happen. As the outcome occurs, it happens through natural events. It can be changed for the better by changing thoughts - to the degree that we allow the Supreme Wisdom of God to guide us in the way that we think and to give the necessary empowerment for our following onward with actions that match the higher thoughts. I will discuss "inclusivity," a procedure which joins all of us from varying persuasions into the Higher Cause which solves the issues of wars for all people.

    May your week be a happy one.  This is Dr. Royal Satterlee saying good-bye for now, and believe me when I say:  no matter what you have done, God Loves you just as you are, and your Life is getting better and better as you believe this




    Royal Satterlee © Copyright 2004



     RADIO SHOW #5 - MAY 29, 2004

    Radio Show #5

    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is



    But first, I will discuss "inclusivity," as today's topic. It is a procedure which joins all of us of varying persuasions into Higher Causes, which can solve the issues of wars for all people.

    Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." This Power is Supremely Intelligent. It will give you your way if that is all you want. Often your way or my way is too caught up in the awareness of entanglements for which we do not have Good solutions. However, It can take you to the fount of Higher Wisdom. Imagine what it would be like for you to KNOW the TRUTH that heals all and to have the POWER to express It greatly for the Good of all.

    First and foremost, it is essential that you understand that everything happening in your experience of Life is the result of what you think Life is and can be. Every other person has a different experience, and it is the effect of each one's thinking. Of course, not everyone thinks it necessary for our country to presently be at war. However, the average of our people believe this - AND SO IT IS. Someday the American people will believe that peace can come, at least for awhile, and then peace will come - for awhile. It is the same with the stock market: it runs in cycles - and the cycles occur in conformity to the thinking of the populace. Fashions come and go similarly. New dreaded diseases replace those that we conquer. All this could change so that there would be a permanent peace, a permanent economic climate, fewer diseases, and so on. However, fashions will come and go. There will always be an uneven distribution of money. All this means that some things can change for the Good permanently. Some other things can be better, but as long as people think, an uneven balance will be the experience. AND PEOPLE WILL NEVER STOP THINKING.

    Consider that the sense which enables us to know all of the above is because there is a rule that runs our lives, a rule that can never change. All things change, but there are rules or principles if you will - which never change. They make it possible for everything except those principles to be in a continuous state of flux. The only way that our lives can escalate to better actions, greater happiness, and eventual peace on earth is through our rethinking them so as to express them better. For that possibility to exist there also has to be the possibility that they could change for the worse. We are responsible for causing our experiences to move in the direction of betterment. Nothing in the entire Universe will make it happen unless we intend its improvement. Then, it is not that we will make it happen. Rather, it is that we can set its favorable direction into motion through believing that it is possible.

    To stimulate our thoughts and actions with the idea that we can move our experiences into better ones, and include world peace in them, great avatars including Jesus encouraged us to think and act in a better way. Unfortunately, other religious leaders had other ideas. Many of them thought that we are subject to the fate of a coming war that would destroy the entire planet and include a judgment from God that would cause us to go elsewhere for rewards or punishment. Although some of Jesus' teachings seem to say this, they are few in number. They were placed into the Bible by people who in some cases added them to the original writings representing Jesus. They wanted to have us believe that Jesus said some things that he did not. In some other cases, the teachings were twisted from the Master Teacher's original sayings through their having been told from one person to another long before they were placed into written form. Many recipients each told them a little differently as is typical when gossip is told to other persons and then repeated by still others over and over. This is what happened until they became written down. However, even then, those mistaken conceptions about what Jesus wanted us to know are very few. Rather, almost all teachings about a war that ushers in a closure to Life on earth and a judgment against huge numbers of people is represented in writings from other letters and books not involving Jesus at all, but coming from others who were less enlightened.

    Many Christians ignore a large number of sayings which Jesus provided us about how peace can come. To convince oneself that Jesus did not really mean that peace could come means that three long chapters in the Gospel of Matthew and several similar chapters in Luke must be ignored. Why many ministers do not even speak of those considerable writings from Jesus' sayings is hard to fathom. The question why a great number of people who think that the Bible consists of Truth sayings, but who dismiss these extraordinary sayings of Jesus, is mind-boggling. The best explanation for this omission is that people seem to like the idea that they are bad and helpless to change their hurtful experiences. In those lengthy passages of scripture, Jesus is represented as having told us that we are not to act vengefully towards anyone. We are not to resist evil. We are to allow persons who function forcefully to have their way, to give to those who try to take our goods, to love our enemies, not to kill anyone, but more than that even to relinquish anger towards others who are unkind.      Also, he directly admonished us to be peacemakers.

    Further scriptures representing Jesus show that we are to be meek, merciful, and pure in heart. We are to forgive everyone for anything they do, not just once or twice, nor even seven times, but seventy times seven.

    We are to trust God to take care of us. This means not to personally control either ourselves or others. We are to allow God to give us direction in all that we do. This does not mean that we are not to think for ourselves. Rather it means to think that God knows best and to use prayer to capture that sense of God. It happens -"as we believe."

    We are not to judge others by the way they appear, but to think about them as they truly are. What every person truly is, is covered up by judgments that each one has learned to use to avoid living in the trust that God gives us as we become aware of His Presence deep inside ourselves.

    Now is time for the TIPS about Affirmative Prayer. The tip for today is that Affirmative Prayer works especially well for us as we choose to Love everyone else - even those who have a very different viewpoint about something that is a significant topic of concern for us. Because a viewpoint about the resolution of wars which is very different than mine is important to those who have that conviction, I must know that those persons who believe it are just as sincere as I am. Always as I pray for another person, I must see him or her as an equal to me. Neither one of us is superior. We are all the brothers and sisters of God's creation.

    Coming back to the ideas of Jesus about how to consider peace in the world of today, consider the closure of the "Sermon on the Mount." In Matthew, chapters five through seven, we are plainly told that as we build our lives on the ideas there, we will be made secure in our spiritual experience so that Life will be Good for us forever and ever. It further explains there that to avoid these conceptions is to find ourselves on shaky ground which cannot provide us with the outcome that is our right and privilege.

    All this shows us that what we intend, what we think, and what we believe is altogether the cause for everything that happens in our lives. Cause and effect is what it is all about. Now then, what does all this say about our preoccupation with war, wherein we have been reacting to our presumed enemies so as to give them the equal of devastation that they have given us? We may defend all that we do saying that we have to do this to protect ourselves, but that is clearly different than how the Master Teacher taught us in relationship to the threats of others.

    Adding up the message that Jesus gave and the actions that he used, we are presently ignoring his wisdom. We can refer to the past and say that this is always the way people have thought and expressed themselves. But, as we do that, we are clearly building on the miserable experiences that history discloses. Then the effects have to be like what has happened before. History does not have to repeat itself. We simply believe that it does. And so it happens. We have never really tried to live by the ethics of Jesus and we have excused ourselves by saying that this larger part of his behavior is not realistic for us. On the other hand, we have tried to live by the morals as structured in our governments, but they have only a minor connection to the ethics that Jesus lived and taught.

    Surely you wonder where I am going with this. I began this broadcast by saying that I would talk about "inclusivity." I am coming to that. First, I have had to show how we are misrepresenting the person of history who we have believed was the greatest bearer of Truth.

    Now, allow me to indicate that although I am not a Quaker, that those people have practiced much of what is in the Christian ethic as was laid out by Jesus. There are some people in every land including Iraq who practice the ethics opposite to vengeance. Many of them there are of the Islamic religion and are called Sufis. So, when I say that we have not really tried to live by these high ethics, I am willing to admit that a few people in every country have. We are capable also of doing the same regardless of what our neighbors or people of our religious affiliations do. It simply requires us to be brave, bold, and loving. All of us are capable of doing that whether we know it or not. It is time for us to become acquainted with our potentialities.

    Bringing all of this together, we have soldiers of war today who are risking their lives to fight for the cause that they believe protects our country. It would not be appropriate for us to be against what they are doing, because if we are to Love everyone, we have to accept them no matter what they do, or else we would be opposing them. We are wise to support everyone, Love all of them, accept that they are sincere in believing that they are fighting for the cause of peace. Suppose then, that we really think this out and determine whether we believe that world peace will come as we refrain from fighting, or on the other hand, that fighting is the solution. To be consistent, if we do not think that fighting is a Good solution, we would not fight our neighbors, family members, or anyone of our country who believes that fighting is necessary. This is where the word inclusivity comes in. Our best action is to be true to our inner sense of ourselves and allow others to do the same. Doing that can end all internal fighting among the people of our own country. It can also gradually build a relationship wherein we will respect each other, and more than that, we will find in this the way that we can greatly Love all other persons.

    Living with the idea that everyone has the right to function according to their own convictions is empowering. It means that however gradually, no one will eventually fear that their own beliefs are not welcome in the world. This is a free country to the degree that all of us can think for ourselves. What is true for a11 will eventually unify all of us as we allow ourselves the right to be true to our convictions, and as we allow all others the same privilege.

    If I understand that people like you believe the so-called enemy must be fought, and if I can overcome judgments about you so that I do not think of you as being wrong, but simply as having a different point of view, we have the possibility of communicating with each other despite our differences. Now then, suppose you continue to believe what seems right to you, but you choose to support the idea of freedom for all people, won't you then also respect me and also those who think as I do?

    I ask you now, what do you think? Are you willing to come from your deepest inner convictions? Can you allow others the same privilege? This country could, once again, become appreciated by many of the other countries of the world if we functioned this way. What has made the U.S.A. so greatly admired across the world has been in the evidence that we have experimented with the possibility that all our people could be trusted to act according to their desires, that is, in the beginning of our being established as a nation, all of us were trusted with a considerable amount of freedom.

    To be sure, we have lived with a lot of criminal violations, so that today this is not the safest country in which to live. Yet, most of us function freely. The increasing vigilance by "Uncle Sam" is taking from our country some of the ease we have known. However, to some extent it is still "the land of the free." Suppose that now we were to allow people to think so freely that increasing numbers of us who might choose not to fight would be acceptable to those others who think that we must fight wars. To achieve this, those who might think this way need to be supportive of those who think that they must fight - to win the peace. In other words, the adjustment in our lives that would make us all okay regardless of our differences of thought could be a beacon to the world to focus more on peace, and however gradually, could terminate major conflicts everywhere. All this is possible if we could more and more accept each other and allow differences of thought to be all right. Do you think that this could make us the example that most people would like to emulate? Is it not true that the greatness of Jesus was in his exemplification of Love for everyone, saint or sinner? And is it not also true that he suggested that we all do as he did? Then, why not allow everyone else the right to do as they choose, with the exception of growing children who need some guidance and the criminals who need our assistance so as to become the persons they innately know that they are?

    In the title that I have given this subject today, what do I mean about Good's not taking sides? To me, the God Presence is the great Good that stands behind everything, supports all of us, is for everyone, and does not take sides - because nothing else but the Good exists except for the time it is taking for us to recognize that nothing else matters. But you say, God or the Good has to stand for something or It amounts to nothing. And I say that the only way God could have made us to be free is to let us alone while we explore alternatives and eventuate the realization that Good for all is the only way that Life can be peaceful, harmonious, and practical.

    Judgment that does not consider who other people are at their core selves diminishes our ideas of who our brothers and sisters are. For instance, the people who we fight have desires to have privileges such as we have. God-Good desires these privileges for all people. The wars are the way we deal with our differences. The way God-Good deals with all people is to be for everyone. To take sides would mean that God-Good would be siding with some and not others. When we cease taking sides we will be more like God and more like spokespersons for God such as we detect in the Life, teachings, and actions of Jesus.

    But then, how do we deal with the wars of today? Whether it was a mistake or not to get involved in the war with Iraq, we cannot turn away the history of it which has settled thoughts of people on two sides of the issue. Our dilemma now is what to do next. Are we going to leave Iraq pretty much up to the people there after June 30? Or are we going to remain a strong military presence there? Whatever we do, Jesus' words, " ...but I say to you, `Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you...' " will never be forgotten. Will we believe that Jesus was right or will we think he was too idealistic for our commitments?


    It is time for S.O.S. - For many people it has meant "Save Our Ship." Our interest in Spirit here leads us to mean "See Only Solutions." The solutions to the crises of war and suffering have come through our being true to ourselves. It would be a mistake for me to say that those of you who believe that you must fight the so­called enemy are wrong for thinking and acting accordingly. Unless I can Love you, have deep respect for you, and care about you, I simply would be causing a division to exist between you and me. Therefore, I always respect what happens in the methods of military action. I also do all I can to Love every person who proceeds from a military point of view. However, for me, I believe there is a solution that does not require fighting. This can only be a right position if I truly care about you and have no judgments against your sincere convictions. But suppose both of us think this way about each other. Could it not be true that we would be starting something which would ultimately make wars unnecessary? That is summed up in one word: INCLUSIVITY. It is our Good then to someway See Only Solutions.

    Next week, my subject will be "SPIRITUAL HEALINGS."

    May your week be a happy one. This is Dr. Royal Satterlee saying Goodbye for now, and believe me when I say: no matter what you have done, God Loves you just as you are, and your Life is getting better and better as you believe this.

    Royal Satterlee © Copyright 2004


    RADIO SHOW #6 -

    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is "SPIRITUAL HEALINGS"


    Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." This Power is Supremely Intelligent. It will give you your way if that is all you want. However, often your way or my way is too caught up in the awareness of entanglements for which we do not have Good solutions. However, the Power for Good can take you to the fount of Higher Wisdom. Imagine what it would be like for you to KNOW the TRUTH that heals all and to have the POWER to express It greatly for the Good of all.

    This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics. Also, the awarenesses of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of these awarenesses have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw totals of these fields of inquiry. They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts. The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been. To discover that "Hidden Truth" we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play "the fool." How do we look deeply into them? We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed. These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality.

    For Spiritual Healings to take place in your Life, it is best to consider that they are not really healings. This is because healings imply that something has happened which has harmed the body, a relationship, or something else that you prize and that had been in excellent condition until something happened to it that made for an injury. In the Spiritual Healings about which I speak, none of that is the case! No injury has occurred. However, it will seem that damage or deterioration has set in and that repair is needed. You will be able to point out the apparent damage and you will likely have reacted to the incident with an emotional response.

    To understand what I am saying, consider that the nature of reality is basically spiritual. Jesus said to the woman in Samaria, "...true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth..." Of course, we know that we live in a universe which contains both physical and spiritual states of being. However, in alignment with the point that Jesus made, the greater reality is Spirit and Truth. This means that the physical state is an aspect of the spiritual nature. Think of it this way: Spirit is all there is! Like water, Spirit has three states of being. One state is invisible like the steam or humidity of water that we know is there, but is hardly visible. A second state is like ice or water in form. Solid objects such as our bodies, our dwellings, our furniture, trees, flowers, animals, and so on, is this visible expression of Spirit. The third state is like water that is very visible, but not in forms, rather it is always flowing, but can be held in containers.

    Consider that God is not only the Great Spirit, but also is all the Power there is, and causes Itself to become any form that God desires to express. We are forms of Spirit, Divine in nature, but subject to temporary lives on earth, and other living expressions after we live on earth. In other words, God is all there is, and this includes God's expressing Itself (Himself or Herself- as you like) as stars, planets, persons, animals, plants, rocks, soil, and so on. Since "the Great Spirit" is a very Good way of referring to God, we can think of God as the invisible Presence, as the persons, places, and things, and as that which maintains everything as it is.

    The maintenance is the activity of the Mind of God. In a real sense the Mind of God is all the Mind there is. Every time we think, we use that Mind. However, we have been made to think for ourselves, and so we construct philosophies and things which are not in accord with the Spirit and Truth that prevails. Our ability to think for ourselves is the free will that God gives us. We would not be truly free unless we could experience what we think. And so, we cause experiences which often hurt us. Nevertheless, in Truth we are not truly hurt, only the conceptions of ourselves that are out of alignment with Spirit and Truth - are hurt.

    Therefore, we all experience two worlds: one is physical and temporary; the other is spiritual and ongoing. When the temporary Life experience is hurt, it is out of accord with the Spirit and the Truth of us. When that happens, we generally think it is the way it is supposed to be. However, after we have felt as much hurt as we feel we can take, we look for healing. If we look for it to happen from a physical assistance, we might gain some benefits, and sometimes considerable benefits. When we come to the awareness of all Life's being basically spiritual, we may turn to a source that is of a spiritual healing. In doing that, we may be restored to a wonderful state that is like the original condition. But it is not a healing! It is a revealing of what was there all the time and simply covered up with something that we believed that had little alignment of the Spirit and Truth which is the foundation of Life Itself.

    To reveal the Truth is to experience Life as the Great Spirit knows It to be. Every person has the possibility of fully resolving every problem, be it of the physical body, or of a relationship, or an experience of some pursuit in Life. Rather than to cure, heal, or mend, the condition can be restored to what is natural and Good in all ways. This is a revelation of what is already there with the person who seems to have a problem. The Divine Answer to every apparent problem lies within all of us.

    The question that every one of us has to solve is how we are going to turn away from trying to find a cure to accepting the Truth that awaits our turning to Divine Direction for assistance. This does not make it wrong for us to try other means for overcoming a difficulty in our lives. Rather, other means are there for us because that which we call God has given us multiple possible ways to solve anything. However, as we grow spiritually, we will increasingly find that we cannot find the solutions we desire and need without turning to the Higher Power and expecting a revealing of the Truth that restores our conditions to what nature first provided. Even when nature at first provides an abnormal condition, nature can yet remake it as it should be, as we believe in God, through trust that God truly desires for us to be whole.

    An example of how a person can at first have a wrong condition, and later reveal a right solution lies in a lady I knew who lived in this area of the country. She became a Practitioner for healing in a Center for Spiritual Living which I served for about eight years. Her mother measured her two legs while the little girl was learning to walk. The measurements were made because the little girl was continuously limping. The length of the two legs was different. Upon taking her to a minister who believed that God could reveal correction, the girl received a prayer. Upon returning home, the mother did not measure the legs for a few weeks during which time the limping ceased. Then the mother measured her daughter again and found them to be of equal length. The little girl was fully aware of what was happening, and became a powerfully able Practitioner of these ideas. She often expressed her certainty that all conditions could be replaced with that which Spirit knew was right. Many people experienced the revealings which God administered through her. She lived effectively past one hundred years, and passed on only recently.

    Before describing some further "revealings," it is time for us to look at another "Tip about Affirmative Prayers." When we pray, we are wise to think of God as the Great Spirit that pervades all. The Great Spirit is never apart from us, but is always right where we are. We are wise not to try to get God to do something for us, but rather to convince ourselves in our prayers that God has already given us what we seek. This changes the nature of the prayer towards doing something to lift our confidence to accepting God's gift rather than thinking that God has yet to give it to us. Everything that we pray for has been given us before we pray. It has been given in the way of our true need for it. Therefore, we are wise to use the prayer to change our mind from thinking that we are needy to believing that we are well supplied. Furthermore, we need to know that the Divine Gifts are not given according to how well we have behaved. They are given unconditionally. At the same time, if we function well, we will find ourselves receiving more readily.

    Going back to the "revealings" that are the real healings, I observed from an early age that some people experienced awful conditions that seemed to say to me that God's world was not always Good. However, I had discovered an incredibly loving Presence when I was sixteen; the result was that I was remarkedly transformed. When I met other persons from my very first ministry who had serious problems - I could not understand why, and so I talked to the Presence of Spirit about them and have frequently seen healings that were truly revealings of perfection.

    One was a lady who was taken to the huge hospital at the University of Michigan, 100 miles from the church that I served. My people there insisted that I go to her. They explained that when the doctors operated to remove a cancerous tumor on the brain that infection set in the brain and that she was in critical condition and could not even speak so that anyone could understand her. As I later entered her hospital room on a Friday evening, she was overjoyed and began to speak to me, but it was such a gibberish that I could not understand any of her words. Soon I said, I do not think this condition is God's idea and therefore, an affirmative prayer can make the difference. In talking to the Great Spirit I said that this woman is only 34 years old and that I knew it was not God's idea, and therefore, the revealing of her real condition is taking place. Of course, I believed it. But I knew that I could do nothing to make it so, but God could and was doing it right then. As these words came out of my mouth, I suddenly felt a great calm come over me, and I knew the revealing was taking place. After the prayer, I told her that I would not be back in the hospital, but that I would see her in her house on the next Tuesday morning. I simply blurted out those words, and then I knocked on her front door that next Tuesday. She came to the door on a walker which she no longer used after a few weeks. She spoke clearly as though nothing at all had hurt her. She asked me if I saw Jesus at the foot of her bed as I prayed. I did not. But she said that she did, and that he walked through a white picket fence gate as I spoke the words of healing. I asked her if she felt the extraordinary peacefulness that I felt at that time. She said, "No, but I saw Jesus."  Generally I feel the Presence, but other persons may sense It in other ways. Rather than to cite numerous "revealings," let me simply indicate that for me they have included cancers of many kinds, including those that doctors indicated had no known cure, colitus, infections including a case in the brain about which doctors thought death was about to be its only outcome, Parkinson's disease, edema, diabetes, bulbar poliomyelitis, heart conditions, body injuries, colds, pneumonia, headaches including migraines, backaches, stomachaches, asthmas, allergies, sinus problems, addictions, alcoholism, depression, energy depletion, torn muscular ligaments, cuts, car sickness, air sickness, dizziness, money problems, relationship problems, job oriented problems, and so on.

    Again, I desire to emphasize that the Spiritual Healings about which I speak are not healings as other physicians and healers refer to cures. However, I have full appreciation for what they can do. Also, I consider that the Great Spirit works through them too. My procedure is not something that only I do. Many people practice this art. And all people can learn it. It all begins with understanding that

    Spirit is all there is. Spirit has Its three phases like water: It is invisible, again, flowing, again expressed in all people and things. When that is understood, and the idea of God's being the One Mind of the Universe(s), and that all of us are using that Mind every time we think, it is a short step to grasping that the Great Spirit does everything perfectly, and that we can have revealed the perfect way anything should be. For this to take place in your Life, you have to affirm it often enough to gradually correct any past beliefs that you are being judged by God, hurt by God, hurt by anyone or anything else. Your interest to locate this awareness that you already have at the center of your Life, your enthusiasm to identify and relate to this recognition on an ongoing basis, will led you into the experience of many revelations about your relationship to the Great Spirit in the here and now.

    It is time for S.O.S. - For many people it has meant "Save Our Ship." Our interest in Spirit here leads us to mean "See Only Solutions." The solution to reversing unhealthy conditions is to believe that they do not belong. They are neither natural nor beneficial. Many times, sicknesses have become the means to gain the sympathy of friends so that they tell you that they are sorry for what you are experiencing. If you wish to continue thinking that their feeling sorry is the best Life has to offer you, you will linger in that mode indefinitely. However, you can do vastly better. Real solutions mean to open yourself to the Power for Good which resides within you all the time. But, you have to initiate the interest for having a relationship with that which can and will reveal what It thinks about you if you are to be well, active, happy, peaceful, and confident. Then your resources will prove themselves to be infinite in number.

    "                                    `

    Next week, my subject will be "THE SCIENCE OF BELIEF.

    Royal Satterlee © Copyright 2004


    “Being True to Oneself: -Radio Show #8-June 19, 2004

    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of spirituality today is

    "Being True to Oneself."

    Hello friends, your questions about how you can be true to yourself so as to express Life in a way that is deeply meaningful to you and satisfying for your family, friends, and other people who you experience will be answered most fully as you express sound spiritual principles in all our thoughts and actions. It is my interest to answer how tat can take place in your Life.  At the conclusion of my explanations about the general considerations of how this can be enacted by anyone, I will open the phone lines to your questions about how to apply this specifically in your Life. 

                Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940’s with these words: There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it. This Power is Supremely Intelligent.  It is ready to provide you the empowerment to be all that you were crafted to be.  You need not wonder any longer about how you can be the person that God has made your to be.  This is because the Power for Good is available every moment to lift you out of mistakes and into great livingness.

                Two components of this show are called “Tips about Affirmative Prayers” and “S.O.S.”  Today the “S.O.S.” will come midway and the “Tips about Affirmative Prayers” will be presented near the end of my presentation.

                This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics.  Also, the awareness of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of these have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw totals of these fields of inquiry.  They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts.  The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been.  To discover that “Hidden Truth” we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play the fool. How do we look deeply into them?  We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed.  These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality.  This particular broadcast is about the ability that you have to be true to the person who you were made to be.

                The most amazing thing about you is that you were given unlimited talent in some marvelously unique ways.   God desires for you to express it.  However, people around you have often advised you to do as they say rather than what you better know to do that lies hidden within your real person.

                Shakespeare was one of the most amazing persons ever to live. He was amazing because he expressed himself as he was made to be. That accomplishment means that he was living a spiritually deep Life.  He told us that we could also.  Hear this famous line from his Hamlet:  This above all,- to thine own self be true; and in must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.  Something of us knows that this is a great Truth.  For instance, the fact that most of us credit Jesus as the greatest man who ever lived, one who recognized the presence of God so completely that he lived a Life that all of us know  is our potentiality, but for which the best of us fall short.  We find ourselves measuring the difference between how we function and how he did.  We think of him as pure and ourselves as impure.  Unfortunately, the word impurity easily leads us to thinking that we are bad, but this degradation of ourselves is the biggest reason why we do not succeed in being all that we can be.  We are to know ourselves as Very Good persons, all of us.  The difference of thinking that we are bad versus Good is the cause of our failure to be all that God has made us to be.

                How can we be true to ourselves if God has made us good and we think that we are bad?  We can’t. It simply will not work.  Therefore, this is the starting place for us. We are to change our thinking about who we are.

                To understand this, consider what has happened in this last year with the Governor of Arkansas.  He had become so obese that his health was rapidly deteriorating.  In the midst of trying to diet and not succeeding, he experienced the loss of a dear friend who died from a similar condition. It was then that the Governor decided that he had to think about his situation with a better idea than trying to follow a diet. In his considerations, he became aware that as a child he had been rewarded with foods that he liked, for instance candy bars.    He had established a habit of rewarding himself in his adult years with more and more foods that threatened his health which included a diabetic condition.  Gradually he decided that it was not a diet that he needed.  Rather he needed a new view about his relationship to foods.

                He went to a weight loss clinic where a doctor helped him rebuild his viewpoint about how he consumed foods.  Changing the idea from there being rewards to there being the means to healthy living, he lost 105 pounds in a year.  His health and his general demeanor changed for a much better experience of Life.

                Consider then, that everything in you Life that is caught up with habitual practices that are not Good for you can be changed through a new view about what is best for you.  Perhaps you have thought that Jesus expressed Life majestically because God made him so that he could not slip.  That is a poor judgment of Jesus. He is to be known as being as human as all of us, but one who lived in a very close relationship to God so that he functioned with a viewpoint of the highest wisdom.  He would hardly be our resourceful guide if we could not do what he did.  And the very fact that he proclaimed that all of us could do everything he did, and even more, means that there is something he did that we could do, but have not yet done.  That something has to do with the way he thought about himself and Life.

                Our avenue then is to begin by thinking of ourselves as Very Good persons that is the grandest step into becoming true to ourselves.  Thinking of ourselves as sinners makes it difficult to see ourselves as Good persons.  However, we can nullify any guilt that we have through simply thinking of our sins as a making of mistakes.  As we consider them that way, we can observe that we learn by our mistakes rather than that we need to degrade ourselves for having made them.  This does not mean that the mistakes are pretty, but that through our viewing them as learning experiences we are gradually able to put many of them behind us.

                Allow me to compare our mistakes to the experience of the Governor in his having turned away from diets to viewing food in a new way.  Diets still have their place for many, but a new view about our relationship to food makes it possible to either still diet or to replace diets, either way, with a better experience that truly enables us to do what is healthy for us.

                Similarly, as we look at our attempts to live better lives, we are wise to replace our thoughts about how we have been awful sinners with a new viewpoint bout our mistakes, with a thinking they were something we had to go through until we could see ourselves as really Good persons.

                The Truth about every one of us is that we were crafted perfectly.  How could it be otherwise if God is perfect?  I am aware that some people think that God is not perfect.  One of the ways that has happened is with some scientists who have declared that some parts of human bodies could have been constructed better so that we would not get diseases so easily.  My response to that is that we have all been made perfectly, but we have thought that some things are wrong with us.  Through that conception’s permeating the thinking of the many generations of people for all time; gradually that which has been made to be perfect has developed imperfections.  That has happened because our false thinking about ourselves is affecting us all of the time.  It also has built itself into the tissues of our bodies which are then passed on from one generation to the next. This is all the more reason why we need to think well of ourselves and each other.

                The greatest gifts that God has given us include the abilities to think for ourselves and to experience what we think.  That gift of freedom has been misused over and over so as to cause ourselves the frailties that we experience.  There is one thing that can change all of this.  It is to know that we are Good persons at the core and that we have leadership by some persons, and most especially by Jesus to express that Good in more and more ways than we have hitherto considered possible.

                Then, to be true to ourselves is to see ourselves as Good persons  But, we soon notice that many other persons seem to be stuck in thinking they are not Good, and therefore, they function in a way that we too easily use to function with mistakes whether we want to or not.  We allow ourselves to be influenced by them thinking that we cannot help it.  What can we do about that?  There is a perfect solution. So, right here we will consider the S.O.S. of this broadcast.  Remember that S.O.S. has generally meant Save Our Ship.  But for us, it means See Only Solutions.  The solution for overcoming the influences is to change our viewpoints about others.  That is, here again, we are to rethink how we relate to people all around us.

                Let us think of all people, one by one, as truly being perfect regardless of what they do.  What sensible reason can there be for doing this?  If we believe that god is perfect, then no person could have been crafted imperfectly.  The imperfections are all results of each one’s not thinking of himself or herself as Good  but as persons who are prone to making mistakes, and therefore, as not understanding that the ability to function well  is natural and always available.  The idea of person’s being perfectly crated makes sense.  However, we may think that persons who think they are perfect are likely to act in manners of perfectionism.  This is not what we mean by person’s being perfect.  Perfectionism means that persons may try to function perfectly.  The difference of what we are talking about here is our ceasing to try to act perfectly and rather to allow the God Presence within us to think as us, to feel as us, and to act as us.  In other words, God within us will function through us and as us as we accept that we are One with God.  To try being perfect is to think that we are separate from God and must try to please God.  To allow God to be our thoughts, feelings, and actions is quite different.

                The solution then is to first see ourselves as unlimited in resourcefulness and to allow ourselves to be guided through the experiences that we choose for our lives.  Along with this we have a second commission.  It is to see everyone else that way.  As we do, something happens in us and as us that is from Divine presence, because God is always with us and awaits our willingness to allow its (His or Her) expressiveness to function through us and as us.

                Unless we see ourselves as Very Good persons and see others that way whether the evidence is obvious or not, we are not able to establish the great beginning of expressing lives that are positively Good, positive and constructive.

                Right now, just before you make any calls, it is my pleasure to announce the greatest discovery that Jesus ever made.  It is what he used in healing people and in expressing his life so that others could know how to live most effectively. When h talked about the kingdom or the realm of heaven, he was disclosing it.  It is about the fact that everything that we think about is supported to become what we experience.  And better thinking, heals.  He said it this way: “It was done unto you as you believe.”  Again, “It was done unto you according to your faith.”  To believe that you can experience any good that you desire is possible because you were born with that potential.  Consider is parables.  Many of them were about this.  The story about the mustard seed is a great example.  Imagine him taking into his hand the tiniest known seeds that upon falling into the ground and being well nurtured would manifest their potential which was to make them become large bushes, great enough for birds to nest in them.  In telling this story, think of him taking some mustard seeds and placing them into one palm of his hand. As he spread them out so that the disciples could see one of them amidst the many, he told how it could manifest a mighty bush. Then he told them that if they could see themselves as seeds of that God has planted into this world, they too could manifest their greater interests.  This he told them should be told all over the world because there is no limit to how much good can come about as more and more people knows this.

                The Tip of today for how you can speak an Affirmative Prayer that will be enacted in your life is to recognize that God is Mind and does everything through harmony of all of us together.  The teachings of Jesus include that we are wise to pray everyday that the “will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  The “will” of  God and the “kingdom of God” as we read about those words in the Bible can be well understood in our time as we pray with a greater understanding of what the words will and kingdom of heaven mean.  The will of God is for us to live in harmony which is quite different than the way people are generally living in wars and other kinds of conflicts.  It should be obvious that the will of God is not happening yet. Otherwise, we would not need to pray for it to happen.

                There is a harmony of togetherness possible for us to experience, and we are to pray for its coming about.  We are to open ourselves up to its being expressed through us and as us.  The words kingdom of heaven is better translated as a greater realm of being. Kingdom implies a royalty.  When harmony comes about, no persons will be considered more royal than others.  My first name is Royal.  It was given me at my birth.  But unless I can think of my Good at not being of an actual royal nature, but rather as everyone’s being my equal, I am not functioning in accord with the realm o living that Jesus was teaching.  Whether it is in a name, an achievement, or an ethnic connection, we are to be in harmony with everyone. Such a realm of being is what Jesus lived for; to achieve it; he knew that we must all allow God to bring us together as One.  The way that can happen is for us to be true to ourselves and allow others the same experience.

                Next week, “Forgiveness and Innocence,” will be my subject.




     This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is



    HELLO FRIENDS, Your questions about how to believe so as to gain benefits for yourself, be a fascinating friend to others, achieve your goals, and express sound spiritual principles are something important for you to know. At the conclusion of my explanations about how belief works in your Life, I will answer your further questions about this valuable subject. We all believe many things and disbelieve other ideas that we hear from people. I am not going to tell you what you should believe. Rather I am going to explain how you can use your beliefs for your Good and the Good of others around you. This analysis of belief has been scientifically scrutinized, and to tell about these findings is what this program is about today. We have answers for the various questions you may have about what beliefs are right for you. Other people generally say that unless you have beliefs like theirs that you are not all right. This approach to a greater experience of Life does not require you to adopt other person's beliefs, but rather to think for yourself.

    Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." This Power is Supremely Intelligent. Yet It serves you on the basis of your interests and according to how you express them through your belief system. The Power for Good does not judge your beliefs so as to advise you. It never does. It simply serves you on the basis of what you believe. That is why it is important to understand how to believe so that Life works well for you.         .

    Two components of this show are called "Tips about Affirmative Prayers" and "S.O.S." Today both the "Tips" and the "S.O.S." are near the end of my presentation. This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics. Also, the awarenesses of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of these awarenesses have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw totals of these fields of inquiry. They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts. The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been. To discover that "Hidden Truth" we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play "the fool." How do we look deeply into them? We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed. These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality. This particular broadcast is about the role that your beliefs play in your Life.

    Every person has a belief system. It is impossible to be alive and not have a set of beliefs.                       Even those people who doubt the realism of many of your ideas,

    express their lives through a set of beliefs that they have accumulated over the many years of their lives just as you have. But few people have yet noticed that what they believe governs their experiences. Of course, if you believe something which is ridiculous, such as the idea that the moon is made of cheese, you are not going to make that come true. However, if you believe that cheese is something which you want to eat a lot, you will tend to experience eating a lot of cheese. Moreover, despite the fact that the composition of the moon is not about to change according to your believing such a strange idea about it, your experience of the moon actually can make it appear to you that it is made of cheese.        How would a belief like that affect you? First of all, you would possibly be placed into a lunatic asylum. If that happens, you can still believe that the moon is made of cheese, and it may continue to seem so. If all that happens with you, it is likely that at some point you will know better. The result of your adjusted beliefs about reality will then have the effect of your being proclaimed cured, and you will be dismissed from the asylum.

    The more significant point about how your belief system affects you is that many things which you believe that other people do not think can be - will actually come true! For instance, if at a very young age you had begun to believe that you will definitely take a trip to the moon some day, you probably will manifest that experience. Does this mean that everyone who believes this from childhood will realize it in time? No, it does not mean that. Rather, it will be those few who can believe it without any doubt whatsoever who will experience its happening! Even if it means that NASA should have to shift some plans regarding space travel for this to occur, it would probably happen in time. The reason is that our beliefs set up what becomes our experiences. But how can this be so? That is what I am about to explain.

    The experience of being alive is a spiritual experience. Every person has been made free to think for himself or herself in whatever way each persons desires. This could not be unless that which is behind and within everything is Supremely Intelligent, All-Powerful, and Unlimited in Creativity. What we call God has these characteristics. Too often, we have thought of God more as a judge of what we do. The Greater Truth is that God is the creator of all that exists including every human Life. God is perfect, and therefore, God has never made junk. Every one of us is endowed with marvelous capacities. When we express them well, our lives achieve extraordinary results. Great expressiveness is the difference that exists for those who believe that they are unlimited in resourcefulness. It is not then that God rewards a person more for having achieved a fine Life. It is that God has already given every one of us a fine Life, and to the degree that we believe this - we experience it.

    Those persons who most fully believe that they can achieve their goals may not accomplish them by the time they have become twenty-five or even thirty.

    During those formative years, there is a natural tendency to idealize ourselves and expect that wonderful results will develop from our beliefs about doing well "out in the world." Somewhere between sixteen and thirty years of age, most people conclude that they cannot experience Life as they have dreamed or presumed possible. Most of them give up on what they have desired to experience and begin to think that they have to settle for something far less. Most people experience far less because they did not sustain that confidence once begun. Are there exceptions? There are many exceptions, but percentage-wise they are few considering the quantities of people who do not know that their beliefs control the nature of their experiences.

    The most wonderful news is that all people can change their experiences through thinking anew about how Life will be what they believe. Unfortunately, most people are slow to understand this. People who come to the Center where I speak, teach, and provide a mental-spiritual atmosphere for making these great adjustments for living have usually long before coming lost their original expectation that Life can be as Good as they desire. However, as they work with me and some others who think with great expectation they achieve marvelous experiences. We are drawing lots of people in their forties and they reclaim at least some of their earlier dreams with ease. Older persons reclaim some less of it, but occasionally much of it. People younger than forty generally reclaim a considerable amount of it.

    There was a young man who you may know about who never lost any of his greater vision, but he did not manifest it until thirty years of age. All the way up until then, he figured that he could do most anything, but he considered using this capacity for dominating other people. Nevertheless, he struggled in his mind over what he would do because he most wanted to do Good for others. Other considerations included that he figured that he could be the master of the world. He could amass control over everybody. He could be a king of everybody. He was simultaneously convinced that a higher vision was possible for him. He finally took forty days to think it over. He worked on changing his belief to the better goal. He had to dismiss the idea that controlling everyone was a worthy goal. He achieved rising above that. He had the greatest consciousness of anyone I have ever read or known about. That man was Jesus.

    You may not have thought that Jesus ever considered that he might dominate or control everyone simply for his own glory. However, if you read about his forty days in the wilderness wherein he was tempted, you cannot honestly understand what happened there unless you acknowledge that his temptations were as real as yours. You know that he was a man with a likeness to how you and I are men and women. For him to have actually struggled with this temptation means that it hardly had entered into his mind for the first time. The really significant thing was that he made

    it the last time through dismissing it entirely and never giving it further attention. That was how he was made ready for the ministry that he pursued and which means so much to all of us who desire to follow his leadership. Just imagine how that decision - to use his empowerment entirely for Good, was surely told by him to his disciples upon his calling them to participate in his mission. Surely they were inspired to hear him say that his knowledge of God's power and his manner of using it was crystallized when he made the firm decision to follow only the promptings of God. Jesus later said that anything he could do, others could do too. He even said that others could do even more wonderful things than he had done. Of course, we have yet to prove it.

    However, the record is clear that Jesus had to grapple with his ability to express great empowerment. Just like any of us, when a person discovers that he can do almost anything, there is a tendency to consider all the options. As he became aware of the unlimited choices that he had, the possibility of controlling others had to be redirected for Good rather than for him to rationalize a domination of others as okay. This is the point I desire to make. Jesus' Life was a great example for all of us. I have discovered that there is a way to prove our ability to achieve any worthy goal. It begins by our restoring a worthy idea and goal from youth which we adults may have lost along the line. The reason that we gave up on that wonderful possibility is that we tried to do it without allowing God to guide us. We need to know that the Power for Good that we can all use is the Divine Power that is always there with us. We use it every time we think, but through changing our beliefs from thinking we are limited in what we can do to believing that Life is unlimited in supporting us in any choice we make, something wonderful begins to happen with us. We may have given up the anticipated experience, but it comes up for us again, and this time with greater confidence. To discover that the ability of believing will make it possible is the insight.

    Now is the time for us to look at another "Tip about Affirmative Prayers." The reason is because belief can become a positive and constructive empowerment. The tip about believing is that the best way to pray affirmatively and effectively is to challenge ourselves concerning the belief systems that we have established. Consider that we can purify our belief systems through dismissing some thoughts and reinforcing some other thoughts. There may be much in our belief systems that is working well for us. However, there are glitches in it which need to be removed. You may say that your glitch is a habit or several habits that do not serve you well. You may have tried hard to eradicate them and failed.

    The secret to making the wonderful adjustments which will release undesirable habits or addictions from your Life is in accepting the belief that God can do as you what you have not yet succeeded in doing for yourself. Examine what happens in the physical world and look for its corollary. For instance, if you discover gold either in a stream or in some rocks, you will have to pan or mine the gold. In both instances, you have to go through the activity of separating what is mixed with the gold to harvest pure gold. If you think that you have tried to turn over your desire to God so that you could achieve some end, know right now that it is not in God's hands until all anxiety and fear are removed from the considerations involved. Again, you have not turned it over until you have ceased feeling anxious or fearful of its not being possible. The shift comes as you no longer beg God to help you, but rather you acknowledge that God is everywhere present, is always supporting you in your choices, and is all the power there is for accomplishing a goal. You are to tell yourself that you are never the power. You are to say to yourself that you cannot do this, but as you change your belief from thinking you can to allowing God to do it, it happens!

         It is time for S.O.S. - For many people it has meant "Save Our Ship." Our interest in Spirit here leads us to mean "See Only Solutions." The solutions to reversing unhealthy conditions is to believe that they do not belong. They are neither natural nor beneficial. Many times, sicknesses have become the means to gain the sympathy of friends so that they tell you that they are sorry for what you are experiencing. If you wish to continue thinking that their feeling sorry is the best Life has to offer you, you will linger in that mode indefinitely. However, you can do vastly better. Real solutions mean to open yourself to the Power for Good which resides within you all the time. But, you have to initiate the interest for having a relationship with that which can and will reveal what It thinks about you if you are to be well, active, happy, peaceful, and confident. Then your resources will prove themselves to be infinite in number.


    Next week “Being True to Oneself” will be my subject.


     RADIO SHOW #9 - JUNE 26, 2004

    Radio Show #9


    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee. The theme of the Science of Spirituality today is


    HELLO FRIENDS, The inability to forgive other people and yourself for any and all mistakes is not so hard as it seems. There is no greater mistake that anyone can make than to hold something against oneself and against others. Even though it is not hard to turn this around, it may seem hard for a long time. The reason is that all people, including myself, have been exposed to settling problems by either fighting ourselves and others or holding onto the idea that some things that we do are unacceptable. We do this because we have a wrong idea about the nature of God, Life, and ourselves. To correct that idea is the whole solution. It can be done! Until you do this, your knowledge that you are in a relationship with God that will provide the Peace of Mind, the Truth of understanding, the experience of living with the abundance that is your potential and your general growth spiritually will be restricted. It may seem as though your need to forgive others is foremost. So long as you think that way you make it hard to accomplish.

    A woman came to me for counseling about twenty years ago. She had discovered through counseling with another minister that she needed to forgive all the people in her life about whom she had held resentments. She had been taught that to make a list of them and then to pray for her letting them be as they were, would free her from much that made Life feel bitter. She produced a list of ten. After she prayed herself free of her feelings against them, she felt terrific. However, the very next day she found herself making a new list. This time there were 25 on her list. She worked for several days on forgiving all of them. But again, a day later she found herself making a longer list. The lists kept getting longer. When she came to me, she had a list of 400. Right then, both she and I could see that she was in a trap of knowing that there would be no end to the experience of spending the rest of her Life working on forgiving more and more people. That seemed like a huge problem, and could hardly be a reasonable experience for anyone to undergo. No one should have to spend all of his or her time working on forgiveness when other important, meaningful, and beneficial experiences of Life are here for us to experience. Right then, something inside me, (of course - it was God speaking) said that she needed to know that she was not a bad person for having resented many people, but she must have thought that - or she would not have the endless procession of feeling she had wronged so many people. So, I told her that although forgiveness was absolutely necessary, it was just as necessary that she know that she was innocent of all wrongdoing. I explained to her that whatever resentments she had constructed were the result of having erroneous ideas about God, Life, other people and herself.

    Simply to think of God as Unconditionally Loving and of herself as a child of God in the experience of learning how to relate well with other people, she could readily discover that to resent them was something that would fall away without further effort. Whatever they might do that she had used to feel hurt by them only happened with them and to her because she felt that God was against her making mistakes while she was learning. We are wise to remember that schoolteachers kept correcting us when we made mistakes, but we were not punished for those mistakes. If we felt we were punished it was only because we were too critical of ourselves. After all, we all have to learn, and the only way we learn is through the mistakes we make. We are innocent until then, because we did not know better until we experienced making mistakes and then in our being gently corrected in the process.

    The greatest spiritual insight then is to "change our thinking, for then we will change our lives." Change our thinking to what, you may rightfully ask. It is best to believe that God is Unconditionally Loving, that God is most discovered in the very Life we are living, and that Life Itself holds nothing against any of us. The Good that It can provide us comes as we hold no animosity toward anyone or anything whatsoever. Note that Jesus healed people through their believing that they were forgiven by him. This assisted them to forgive themselves. If he was not against them, they saw no further reason to oppose themselves. Instantly the lameness, blindness, diseases and mental torment dissipated.

    The most wonderful acceleration of spiritual growth comes as you forgive yourself fully for however long it is taking you to forgive everyone else. When that forgiveness is complete, you will know yourself as innocent of all wrongdoing. This does not mean that as you declare yourself innocent of all wrongdoing that you do not admit having made many mistakes in your life. Rather it means that you have come to know that you did not know any better at the time that you made those mistakes, and you are open now to discovering how you can transcend errors from here onward. Actually you have only made one mistake in your Life and that is your insistence on trying to run your Life without the guidance of God.

    I interrupt this presentation to announce that this is the last of this series of radio broadcasts. However all nine of them are on our web site and will remain there for a long time. The telephone number here and the web site address will be provided in the latter part of this broadcast.

    Ernest Holmes opened his weekly radio programs back in the 1940s with these words: "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it." This Power is Supremely Intelligent. It is ready to provide you the empowerment to be all that you were crafted to be. You need not wonder any longer about how you can be the person that God has made you to be. This is because the Power for Good is available every moment to lift you out of mistakes and into great livingness.

    A component of this show is called "Tips about Affirmative Prayers." The tip for today will be presented near the end of my presentation.

    This program draws upon the laws of spirituality, philosophy, science, psychology and metaphysics. Also, the awarenesses of history, customs, and cultures are considered throughout all that is spoken. Out of the whole of these awarenesses have come these teachings, but they are not simply the raw totals of these fields of inquiry. They are the result of opening up to what lies within and behind all these facts. The real Truth about Life is not detected in what appears, but in the patterns of thoughts that have given rise to them and to what could have been. To discover that "Hidden Truth" we must look within every fact and every riddle or we play "the fool." How do we look deeply into them? We have to believe that through authentic prayer, the Truth will be revealed. These broadcasts are about how to pray so as to know the Truth of Reality.

    This particular broadcast is about the ability that you have to put behind you your blame, shame, and resentments toward persons who you have thought hurt you or got in the way of how you would like to have lived your Life.

    The place to begin is to examine your conception of the nature of God. If you believe that God is a judge, then you have a case for resenting God even though you may have done many wrongs. The reason that you have a case is because if the deity is a judge of what you do, then such a god should have provided you with a greater ability to overcome mistakes. The Truth about God is that God created you to learn how to live a life of values, and simultaneously, has never been interested to test whether you could accomplish it without making errors. To learn anything, one must have been crafted so as not to be wholly aware of what one must think and do. The learning process has meaning when there is much that we have to learn. At the same time, if you have much to learn you will make errors in how you function just as you had to learn mathematics and spelling, and many other subjects in school.

    God has made us able to learn life perfectly, but we were born without papers. What I mean by that is that when you buy a product which requires you to examine instructions of how to assemble it and cause it to perform in a way that is satisfactory, you find instructions in the box that discloses all you need to know. In our experiences of being born into the world, God hid the instructions deep within ourselves - and we were left to find them when we felt ready. In the meanwhile, our parents or guardians felt that they were to be the instructors, but they were not all that aware themselves that their instructions were hidden deeply within them too. Therefore, they tried to guide us, but in doing - so they were using an understanding which was only primitively developed in their own lives.

    The most obvious mistake that most all parents and guardians made with us

    was to try to get us to do as they have done. Alas, they made many errors, and so their idea became largely an interest of trying to get us to experience Life as they had failed to do. Not only was that not very helpful for what we needed and yet need to know, but their mistakes were not necessarily ones we would have made unless in someway they introduced them to us, and of course, some parents did just that. The need to protect us is a parental responsibility, and many parents and guardians have accomplished it with a reasonable degree of success. There are two reasons why they could not help us much in ways other than to protect us. The first is that they had the same idea that was a misunderstanding of the real nature of God, Life, other people, and themselves. The second reason is that their internal directions and our internal directions were and are not the same. Every one of us was born with a potentiality that is uniquely our own.

    To blame God for some experiences which we regret is to hold something against the ONE who (or which) has given us all the knowledge that we have needed. But you may say, "If I have been given this knowledge why do I not know that I have received it?" The answer is that God has hidden it deeply within us, so that we cannot know what it is until we can greatly appreciate the gift. This is taking long enough for us to become familiar with how wonderful it will be when we know the truth of who we are. Just as scientists and other researchers have to make discoveries that are not readily known by people at large, we too have to discover the Truth of ourselves. A very amazing thing about this is that we are entitled to experience choice about how we will express ourselves. We have not known this, but have generally thought that we were only to follow certain moral maxims. They are important, but to know that we are all different and have to discover our uniqueness has been more elusive to us. It might seem that it would have been better for us to have been born (1) with a definite awareness of what we were supposed to do, or (2) with emotional actions that would make us function in cooperation with everything else, or (3) with complete instructions that we would have known from our births about how we are to function. However, those alternatives could only have happened if we had been made into robots, or persons without choice.

    Beyond blaming God (we do this whenever we object to the experiences that we have with Life) and parents for our mistakes, we tend to blame and shame other people in our lives, some of them close to us and some who we only know through experiences that do not directly involve them. Often when we blame someone, we tend to further make the blame into a resentment, that is, into a feeling of hurtfulness which we may hold in mind for a long long time. We seem to think that this is a way of getting even with them for what we think they did to us. However, we are only hurting ourselves. We are victims of our own imagination. To resent someone else cannot hurt that person unless we direct the blame against someone who thinks that he or she could be a victim of other person's opinions about him or her. When some persons think that, and when we ourselves think that others are hurting us, it is not the kind of hurt that we or they presume it to be. The only hurt that we can experience is something which we first imagine can be. In other words, we set into motion the ideas that we will be hurt, and as we blame others in whatever ways that we do, we have put forth angry thoughts and feelings which we then get to experience. Whatever goes around comes around. However, some people will not be the least disturbed by our resentments. However, there are always people who will be sensitive to what we think about others. Those persons may not be directly affected by what we have put out, but sometimes it seems that they are hurtful to us.

    All the time that we feel hurt, the primary cause of such feelings is something in our own thoughts which is against someone else. It is entirely possible not to feel hurt by anyone even if another person is extremely angry with us. The reason for this is that everything that we feel is initiated by ourselves.

    The most essential interest here is to determine what we can do to overcome thoughts and feelings which victimize ourselves. Once we have mastered the disturbances in our own thoughts which make us feel blameful and shameful about others and about ourselves, then we become free of feeling any victimization whatsoever. The empowerment that makes this possible is through feeling and acting responsibly for everything that happens in our lives.

    We are never responsible for what happens with others except for little children and what we do directly to another. Functioning responsibly is not a difficult experience to accomplish. The primary factor involved with it is to remove our dependencies upon others. We can have wonderful relationships with many people, but none of them need involve dependencies. This is not to deny that a handicapped person may have to have some assistances from others, rather it is to indicate that to receive assistance from another person needs not include that one must then depend for anything from another that does not have a direct connection to a handicapped condition. For instance, feeling the need to assist another person who may have become restricted in some movements of the body does not mean that we have to think for that one as well as to assist him or her physically.

    Specifically, to overcome resentful feelings, one must release all animosities including both those which are conscious and those which are unconscious. The primary empowerment that enables one to accomplish this is through opening oneself up to God through forgiving oneself for having thought that unkind judgments had been necessary. It becomes relatively easy to forgive someone else when a grudge against oneself is released. Forgiveness only seems difficult to remove from one's consciousness when judgments against oneself are retained.

    Although many people have released many resentments and keep finding ways to forgive others, it seems that most of us will simply build new resentments against other persons or sometimes the same persons who we have already forgiven. For this reason, an idea about Innocence has become an essential practice which I teach and which has helped numerous persons. To understand how this works, think of how it was that when you did something which you now regret that you did not know any better at the time. Use this idea to discharge the belief that you are or were bad. You were not bad! You simply did not know any better at the time that you acted or thought in ways that were unacceptable to your standards for good living.

    To achieve better livingness, you will need to establish a day-by-day practice of thinking, feeling, and acting in accord with your personal standards for living a good life. Meditation and time for affirmative prayer are an important ingredient. This also includes that you need to form some affirmations to say frequently throughout every day. Gradually you will find yourself aspiring to better practices in your life. But, you must remain active in these daily practices for the rest of your life! If you forget for awhile it becomes necessary to return to an active practice of them - as you remember.

    The greatest benefit from these practices is that gradually you will know better how to live a really spiritually deepened life. You may think that this is a suggestion which leaves your interest In Jesus out of your life. But actually, it is because he was the great example in doing this that you may find the discipline to keep practicing this. Or you may identify with some other avatar or a spiritually enriched person who moves you to live in a better way. In any case, unless you take time daily to open yourself up to the God Presence - you may feel unable to achieve the experiences of being forgiving and innocent.

    Understand that feeling innocent does not make you any less responsible for what you think and do.                             The innocence is simply your reminder that you are growing and that there were times before now that you did not know what it means to grow spiritually.         -


    The Tip for today about how you can speak an Affirmative Prayer is that as you forgive yourself and anything you have resented about any of your experiences in Life and with any other person, your prayers will be greatly empowered. To forgive means that we let go of all objections to what other people do and to what we have done. At the same time, we speak our confidence that God is helping us in everything and that we are worthy of that assistance because we are all children of

    God. Not to be against anyone or anything empowers us to achieve our greatest dreams.

    This is Dr. Royal Satterlee saying Goodbye, and believe me when I say: no matter what you have done, God Loves you just as you are, and your Life is getting better and better as you believe this.

    Royal Satterlee © Copyright 2004








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