Dr. Royal has conducted many hundreds of seminars on over sixty different themes. Altogether many thousands of people have studied with him in about fifty cities. Through his assistance, a great many people have been released from"incurable" diseases and from a multitude of other difficulties.

Dr. Royal's educational background beyond his Bachelor of Arts includes a D.R.S., Doctor of Religious Studies from Emerson Institute in Oakhurst, California; his thesis was "The Bible Teaches Evolution;" a D.D., awarded by The Spiritual "Enrichment Center for his distinguished service" In recognition of the acts of his self-determination to wholly express the inner life of the Spirit and to guide others also to express the inner life of the Spirit without void;" a RScF, School of Ministry, United Church of Religious Science, Los Angeles; a B.D., from Garrett Theological Seminary of United Methodist Church, Northwestern University Campus, Evanston, IL;

Dr. Royal is a traveling minister under the auspices of the Affiliated New Thought Network. He is a Religious Science Minister with 27 years service, mostly in local churches in St. Louis, Missouri. Previously, he was in a self-employed business for 20 years and a Methodist Minister for nearly 20 years. His blissful marriage since 1950 is with Noreen. They have one daughter residing in California.

Dr. Royal has devoted his ministry to inspiring every person in his audience to express a High Consciousness of Love. He has also committed his life to teaching others the true potential of individual divine expression.

Dr. Royal is still available to do seminars on most any subject. Teaching people about "Unconditional Love," about "The Secret Order of Mary Magdalene." "Spiritual Healings" and about the "Fourth and Fifth Dimensions of Spirit" are among his favorites.

Thoughts we say as we ascend our spiritual pathway.

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