RadioSpiritual Teaching

This Spiritual Teaching's central focus is threefold:
  1. To assist each individual in discovering their unique pathway.
  2. To assist those who already know about their spiritual trail to get into its flow.
  3. To inspire all aspirants to live by the principles that support them in staying within the experiences of the flow.

All classes and teachings are geared toward supporting each one to live continuously in the natural divine flow. Classes include presentations and studies which assist and empower participants to discover their own unique Spiritual Pathway.  Studies are provided about how anyone can be spiritually enriched and empowered.  They assist individuals to establish self-images that enlighten them and bring about self-confidence, self-encouragement, and self-awareness of the Divine Presence.

These classes reflect upon spirituality which derives from a High Understanding of Jesus’ teachings and example, Ernest Holmes’ conception of the One Mind, and a constellation of methods for transforming the Soul’s Journey into an enlightened awareness of God’s presence. These classes comprise a week-to-week study, through which students grow spiritually by learning to consciously think and feel At One with God, thereby living up to their potential.

There are many ways to do all the above.  Dr. Royal is open and willing to mentally and spiritually support individuals in expressing a unique individualism for gaining greater spiritual endowment. Therefore, both classes and individual counseling are available.

Most of us still are in bondage to the influence of race thinking.  Race thinking simply means that the people who are most outspoken influence the rest of us unduly; until we come to know that we are here for reasons that are greater than trying to follow other people’s belief systems, we are subject to race thinking.  Every person is a child of the Supreme Intelligence of the universe.  We are here to give of our inner awareness of Truth.  We do well to allow others to assist us, but not when they try to make us think, or feel, or act like they do.  The only mentor you should follow is the inner Higher Self that you already are.  You are positively wonderful!  There is no one quite like you.  How much are you aware of this?  Allow Dr. Royal to assist you to know yourself!

The most wonderful thing that ever happens to anyone is the growth of his or her awareness of spiritual splendor.  We can all do this, but it is essential that we dare believe that we are all on a Spiritual Pathway. Our ability to experience it to the fullest cannot be interfered with by anything we have done or will do.  The One Mind is unconditionally loving and lifts our Spirits whenever we step onto our pathways to grow into who we are.  Ascending Our Spiritual Pathways unfolds the persons who we have been made to be.  We need not wait. We can do this now!

There are many steps upward.  Every time we take another step, our lives are greatly blessed. Spiritual Teachings are here to assist us in our ascent in the here and now.



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