Supernova Consciousness


Albert Einstein proved to us that nothing is absolute except Light.  Every “thing” is relative -- relative to Light.

  Most people think that Light is something of matter.  And matters are the considerations that we make about something physical.  However, Light cannot be weighed or measured as “things” can be.  Inasmuch as everything other than Light is relative to Light, it is necessary to explain the nature of Light differently than all other things.  Light is not matter, nor is it a physical thing.  Light is energy.  It is the cause of everything that is generally defined as matter or as having a physical composition.  To name the nature of Light, the word Spirit is best.  Something of Light is in everything.  Therefore, everything comprises Spirit, and when understood in this way, the word matter becomes obsolete.  With the understanding that everything is an aspect of Light being expressed, we can consider what it really means that many things are physical.  Each physical thing is the manifestation of Spirit’s being expressed.

Although I stand by the description just given, I also accept that physicists are not generally content with the idea above that “the word matter is obsolete.”  Rather than argue with them, I acknowledge that their work theorizing and experimenting with a different understanding about life and matter is just as essential as my conclusions.  While considering what I am concluding here, it is equally essential to accept the significance of their conception about light and matter.  Spirituality and the natural sciences are both right to proceed as they are.  At some point in our learning, these two quite different understandings will be merged and provide wonderful benefits for all of us. 

The Light of stars, lamps, radiation, and so on has Its equal in the awareness of persons when they know the truth about anything.  To truly know anything is to be aware of something deep inside us that has illuminated some aspect of reality.  At the core of the Self abides the Light that invites understanding to dwell in our awareness.  That illumination is known as enlightenment.

To be enlightened is the supreme experience of an ascending consciousness.  This is possible for every person, because it is within us to express understanding, unconditional love, and a self-givingness rooted in the divine energy that both underlies and suffuses all creation.  An ascending consciousness refers not only to a person preparing for a glorious afterlife; it includes anyone who is willing right now to become wholly true to the Higher Self at their center.  Ascension means that a person is so deeply inspired with Life that the Truth of their Self expresses Intelligence with Unlimited Magnificence.  It is expressed through us and as us as we meditate on the idea that a supernova resides within every human spirit.  This supernova of the Self will come about only as one desires to allow the Divine Mind to fully unfold the Idea It has of that person. 

The supernova of space, according to astronomers, is a star that is vastly more brilliant than the sun of our solar system.  The Supernova is an incredibly bright explosion of stellar light.  Its luminosity becomes so resplendent that it sometimes exceeds that of an entire galaxy.  People sighted supernovae in 1054, 1572, 1604, and 1885.  More recently, astronomers have become increasingly able to see supernovae, and are seeing them with increasing frequency.  This increasing ability with modern telescopes is making us aware that there are many supernovae at great distances from us.  In fact, on average, supernovae occur about once every 50 years in a galaxy the size of the Milky Way and once every second somewhere in the universe. 

As individuals we are wise to become aware that the spiritual corollary of the physical nature of reality includes that everything that we think, feel, and do is relative to the sense we have of Light.  Light for us individually is deep inside our Spiritual Selves.  We connect with this awareness to the extent that we desire to live in concert with the Truth of Light.  When we do this, we unleash a Supernova of spiritual energy within the core of our being, which illuminates our True Self. 

I am sure some readers will wonder whether the star of Bethlehem might have been a supernova, while others will think differently.  In any case, every person has within their self the ability to evolve into a spiritually enriched consciousness of a Supernova type person.  The corollary of what is happening in the skies is what is waiting for the awakening within every individual.  So far, occasional avatars have appeared on earth.  Such luminaries include Jesus, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Krishna, Zoroaster and others.  They have been no more common than the sightings of supernovas in the skies.  However, as we grow spiritually, supernova characters will become obvious in growing numbers, that is, not just one more, nor anyone returning for a second time.  Rather every little while, they will present themselves - not as braggarts, but as selfless glowing testimonies to the truth that God awaits.  Such expressiveness is possible in everyone.  It is also true that some are here on earth now.  They will not be announcing themselves, yet others will be discovering them.  As spiritual consciousness grows, any one of us could reach that state of high spiritual expressiveness.  In our own country, such a one was Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thoughts we say as we ascend our spiritual pathway.

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