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You are invited to know more about Spiritual Teaching. Dr. Royal deeply believes that if you change your thinking, you change your life. You can begin doing this right now by speaking out loud affirmations for better living and by saying a declaration for success.

As we look into the mirror of life, many of us see much fear. As we journey along our Spiritual Pathways, we practice dismissing fear by knowing that there is no place that God is not. We are wise to focus on the authentic nature of reality by understanding the spiritual laws of a natural world. Through these laws we learn that this is not a world of turmoil, but a cosmos of unlimited opportunity.

If we think about the way everything appears to be, we become burdened by a repetition of disappointing experiences. We learn in these teachings how to develop a Spiritual Pathway that gives birth to the evolution of spiritual consciousness.

The purpose of "Spiritual Teaching" is to assist individuals in transcending reactions in order to establish Spiritual Pathways that are constructed upon their unique potentials. Be aware that in the pursuit of your Spiritual Pathway everything is either a cause or an effect. Thoughts are the things that comprise all primary causes. There is something in the nature of the universe that reacts to everything each person thinks and most especially to thoughts that are deeply felt. This is the reactionary movement of the universe.

In practicing the quality of broadmindedness, Jesus plays an important role in our teaching. Our studies delve deeply into "Who was Jesus?" and how to use his teaching as a model to do healing work.

An essential thing to understand about people who practice New Thought teachings is that a high ethical conduct is of foremost interest with them. We are interested in the New Thought Teachings about Morality . This involves us in the positive vein of philosophy and supports us in expressing really great livingness. These can be on your Spiritual Pathways too. Join Dr. Royal's classes to learn how, and to receive support. Simply click on "Classes of This Spiritual Teaching."


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